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Lumineers for teeth: description, photos before and after, feedbacks, pros and cons

Hollywood Lumineers photos before and after

Very often any external problems with teeth, such as spots, yellowing, chipping, etc. are the reason why people practically stop smiling. And this may already affect their lives.

After all, sociability and cheerfulness are also important factors in the search of a job, a career and a personal life. That is why there is a growing number of patients consulting dental clinics with the aim not to cure the teeth, but to improve their appearance.

Today, cosmetic dentistry is an extremely popular area. Far not all the people got perfect teeth from the mother-nature. Good doctors will help improve this situation and give patients a great smile. It can be done quite quickly with the help of LUMINEERS or, as they are called, Hollywood veneers.

What are they?

Basically, the Lumineers are dental micro prostheses. However, they are classified as conditionally removable. The original English title is LUMINEERS. This word comes from the «luminary» – a bright, shining.

These micro prostheses are very thin plates made of ceramics, which are used as overlays on the teeth. The technology is patented by the American company DenMat, and the material for producing Lumineers is designed by CERINATE laboratory.

The thickness of the plates can be only compared to eye lenses, as they do not exceed 0.3 mm. This is one of the most significant advantages of LUMINEERS since their installation is carried out without teeth preparation. Plates with the help of special substances are glued directly on the enamel.

Of course, the surface of a tooth requires special handling and treatment, but it is minimal. Therefore, such micro prosthesis can be removed if necessary. They are classified as relatively removable only because the removal at home is not possible, it can be only carried out in the clinic by a dentist specialist.

What is the difference in comparison with veneers?

The question which is better: the common Hollywood veneers or Lumineers, is not quite correct.

Firstly, such a distinction is important that they are made by a completely different technology and of different materials. Secondly, you should still take into account the specific conditions that make thinking about the installation of aesthetic dental overlays.

However, something can be said in general terms.

  • Veneers have the same shape and almost the same indications for use, but their thickness is much greater. In average, it is about 0.5-0.7 mm. Therefore, they cannot be installed on an unprepared enamel. After all, your teeth may too thick, and their appearance won’t be natural.
  • This implies the need for a serious preparation of the enamel in order to reduce the overall size of the teeth before installing veneers. There is no need to do this for Lumineers.
  • After the intense turning of the enamel, a patient is forced to always wear veneers, as the teeth already do not have their own enamel. Despite the fact that their service life is quite long – about 15 years, though it is finite. Therefore, the old veneers afterwards have to be replaced by new ones.
  • With Lumineers this problem won’t arise because the untreated surface of the teeth is living. Therefore, these overlays can be removed without any damage to the teeth.

From all the above we can draw the conclusion that Hollywood Lumineers are preferable to use for aesthetic purposes.

However, before we insist on this kind of micro prosthesis, one should consult a doctor. For each type has its drawbacks and indications for installation.

Indications for installation

Lumineers for teeth photosAs for any prosthesis, even though requiring only minimal intervention in anatomy, there are certain indications for installing Lumineers.

Cracks and chips on the surface of the teeth

Though tooth enamel is a very hard material that can withstand heavy loads, yet prone to mechanical deformation. For example, if frequently consuming alternating very hot and very cold foods under the influence of a sharp change of temperature cracks may appear on the surface.

In addition, sometimes teeth are damaged due to shocks and falls with cracking too solid foods (such as nuts). Not only does it look not nicely, but can even lead to the exposure of the inner layer – dentin, which leads to tooth decay.

The spots and darkening of the enamel

There are several reasons for the appearance of spots on the enamel surface. First of all, it is a tooth decay – the most common factor.

Spots may also be the result of dental fluorosis, which is a consequence of long-term intake of fluorine and its compounds. Fluorosis can be expressed in yellowish or white spots, and even in an erosion of enamel.

There are also so-called tetracycline teeth – the color change which is due to an intake of antibiotics during the time when the enamel is being formed.

Diastema and threma

Quite common are dental fissures and too big gaps between the teeth. Sometimes you can do without orthodontic treatment in not particularly complex cases, which is, without wearing braces for a long time, but with the Lumineers.

Unaesthetic old fillings

Composite materials used for fillings and dental restoration, have the property eventually to darken. This can occur as a result of consuming beverages containing strong pigments, smoking, and many other factors.

Severe enamel abrasion

This can occur as a result of the inevitable age-related changes, and because of improper load distribution on the jaw.

The irregular shape of the teeth

Often, one or more teeth can be of a different size or shape in comparison to the adjacent teeth, which is very noticeable when a person smiles. Lumineers can solve this problem. This also can refer to malocclusion, without considering the complex cases that can be corrected only surgically.


dentistry LumineersOf course, you cannot always install the Lumineers in dentistry. Some cases require oral and dental pre-treatment, some of them exclude the possibility of the installation. In each situation, one should consult a specialist.

  • Poor oral hygiene and as a result, the formation of multiple deposits on the enamel surface – plaque and calculus.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the gums and periodontal.
  • Multiple tooth decays.
  • A large number of fillings.
  • Direct occlusion, which implies the closing of the cutting edges of the front teeth, while the top should be slightly overlapping the lower.
  • Severe deformation of the dentition, which involves long-term orthodontic treatment.
  • Special enamel properties – fragility and susceptibility to abrasion and thinning.
  • Bruxism – uncontrolled compression and friction of jaws that causes gnashing of teeth.

Some common problems, such as the presence of eye diseases and pacemaker are also contraindications.


The main advantages of this type of micro prosthesis are the following.

  • Safety. Due to the very small thickness for installation, it is not necessary to remove a part of the dental enamel. This means that the teeth remain healthy and alive under the Lumineers, so they can be removed at any time when required.
  • Protection. An installation technology implies a very tight fit of plates of Lumineers to the enamel surface, thereby making an additional protective layer of them. This ensures that bacteria cannot get inside of the tooth.

    Additional protection is the material through which the fixation is conducted. It has a high content of fluoride, which strengthens and heals the teeth.

  • Strength. The material of which the plates are made has great strength thanks to special technology and the addition of special crystals strength.
  • Lifetime. Good fixing and durable material help extend the service life of up to 20 years or more.
  • The natural appearance. Ceramics for the manufacture of Lumineers has many shades, and, moreover, it is possible to use special inks to produce various shades in order to exactly select Lumineers to the natural color.
  • Painless installation. Installing lumineers does not cause any discomfort and pain as there is no need to turn the enamel.


Lumineers have very few disadvantages, but it is necessary to tell about them.

  • Lumineers are the most expensive of all similar micro prosthesis. This is due, firstly, to a single patent protected technology and, secondly, to the fact that delivery is required from the United States.
  • If the teeth are initially quite large, after setting plates they may look a bit ponderous, despite the very small thickness.
  • Following all assigned by expert procedures is obligatory as well as a caring attitude in order for Lumineers to serve for a long time.

Technology for teeth alignment

teeth alignment LumineersThe installation of these plates for aligning the teeth involves several stages.

  • On the first visit, a mandatory preparation is conducted. It can be treatment or conduction of a professional hygiene.
  • Next, a mold of the patient’s teeth has to be made.
  • Then the doctor with the help of computer models of 3D-technology makes the appearance of a smile, which the patient wishes to have.
  • Then you have to wait for the manufacture of plates according to the casts and their delivery.
  • Already during the second visit (if there was no need for pre-treatment) a fitting and installation using special adhesives is taking place.

What do patients say?

Almost all of the feedbacks about lumineers are positive. No wonder with their help, most Hollywood stars make themselves shining white smiles.

If you have already experienced the installation of these micro prostheses, you can share your impressions with the readers in the comments to this article.

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