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What teeth are the best to insert: expert advice

which teeth are better to insert - rating dentures

The loss of even a single tooth may not only change a person’s appearance far not for better but also may lead to major health problems. Therefore, recovery of lost teeth is a procedure which cannot be ignored and which should be approached with the utmost seriousness and with skill.

Before you contact a dentist to insert the teeth, you should decide which way of their recovery you are interested in: normal prosthesis or implant.

When making a choice, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors: health, budget and time that can be spent on this procedure.


Installing prostheses is a method of restoring perfect smile that will suit anyone. There are less contraindications here than with implantation. The main thing is correctly to determine what kind of prosthesis is needed for you.

To begin with, there is a need to understand whether you need a removable or non-removable prostheses. The last may not be suitable to every patient, as, for example, when too many teeth are missing, their insertion is not possible for the lack of support.

Removable prostheses


which teeth are better to insert commentsThe main contraindication to their setting is allergic reaction to acrylic. Their service life is 5-8 years. In general, patients who take this type of prostheses are satisfied with their ease and at the same time strength.

It is noted that they are easy to take care of: prostheses are easily taken out of the mouth and cleaned. It is practically impossible to distinguish them from real teeth.

At first, some people experience discomfort when wearing them, they have to use a special ointment for dentures not to rub the gums, but soon this is no longer necessary – the discomfort disappears.

Among the positive features, the patients also mention the price: as a rule, it is much lower than the cost of other types of prosthetics; this is not to say that the quality is worse.


which teeth are better to insert pricesTo these advantages can be attributed not the highest price, easy installation, and easy maintenance.

Their carriers note that after installing the prosthesis no discomfort arises, as well as during communication, or during chewing, besides they look just like real teeth. Besides their obvious advantage is hypoallergenic: they can be worn even by people with allergies to a variety of materials, which will not let them insert many other types of prostheses.

They are very flexible, which, however, is not always a good thing: some patients get painful sensations because of this quality.

But it should be noted that regardless of the type of prosthesis or graft, the presence or absence of discomfort, pain or another discomfort in most cases is associated with a high or low professionalism of a dentist.


According to the properties, they are similar to nylon, but thanks to domestic production are even cheaper. Patients say that their installation requires much less money than nylon. Thus according to feedbacks, their strength is much higher than of polyurethane prostheses.

Perhaps this is the most suitable option for those who want to spend as little money as possible for the procedure but do not want to set the short-period artificial prostheses.


which front teeth are better to insertSuch implants can withstand greater loads, so completely satisfy the patients in the priority of reliability and durability.

Dental clinic customers who choose this type of prosthesis, are satisfied with fast enough adjustment to artificial teeth. Some do not even take them off at night – so these prostheses are comfortable.

In addition, even after prolonged use teeth do not become loose, apparently, precisely because dentures evenly distribute the load on the jaw.

Prostheses “Quattro Ti”

Their advantages over other types are an attractive and natural appearance, reliable fixation, flexibility, and ease of use, which are marked by those who use such prostheses. To them, as to the clasp, patients get used rather quickly (some even say that they did not feel them in the mouth the next day after the installation).

Reviews show that the installation of artificial prostheses “Quattro Ti” are well suited to people whose professional activity is associated with public speaking, frequent communication with clients or negotiating. As noted, after installation the speech absolutely does not change.

Fixed (non-removable) prosthesis


which false teeth are better to insert

Patients who are interested in the fact that the crowns are as much as possible of the natural appearance should prefer ceramic products. They look quite aesthetically pleasing and also stronger compared with metal-ceramic.

Experts point out that, in contrast to metal-ceramic, the crown does not oxidize over time, and thereby ensures an increased service life. True, they are, of course, more expensive.

Among those who wear the crowns, the preference is often given to products made of ceramics. Many metal-ceramic constructions are replaced with fully ceramic crowns on the teeth due to the inconvenience of use and patients were pleased that those are not only more comfortable but also look more natural.


which teeth are better to insert a photoThis option is ideal for people who have problems with several teeth. But do not forget that when you insert the bridge just have it is needed to grind the neighboring teeth.

When selecting the material from which the bridge will be made, patients who already use them recommend to start from, whether it will be visible in daily communication. So if, for example, when smiling you’ll show the dental bridge, it is best to set zirconia.

If the bridge is put in place of teeth, which are typically very difficult to see, you can put a conventional metal: it is much cheaper, and to overpay for zirconium in this case simply does not make sense.


They should be used for those who need to restore the dilapidated tooth.

Patients say that dental inlays (tabs) are of the same tooth form and invisible in the mouth. However, their advantages include not only the appearance. Their users are satisfied with their long life service.


which posterior teeth are better to insertThis is a good method to hide a defect to the front side of the tooth.

Users who have set veneers to eliminate the external defects of the dentition admit that their use has made it possible to improve the color of the tooth surface, remove the curvature, to hide the distance between the teeth and just make a smile more beautiful and attractive.


dental implantationThe advantage over conventional implanted prosthesis is that it is a more effective method of dental restoration. For patients who are not satisfied with the fact that the prosthesis should be changed periodically, should choose implantation.

The difference in their costs is that for the prostheses you will have to pay separately for each prosthesis replacement procedure, while at the same time for the implant you will have to pay the entire cost for one time.

For this reason, there is a feeling that the implant is more expensive, but in fact, as a result of the money spent on the dentures, it will not be much lower.

However, for such manipulations, there are restrictions on health, since, in fact, it is the operation.

Among the people who decided to make an implantation, a lot of reviews about this procedure are magnificent. Undoubtedly, the result impresses patients: even the most durable and long-lasting prostheses, in their opinion, cannot be compared with the implants for life. Like dentures, they need a special care, but they do not need to be changed every few years.

In addition, people are satisfied with the fact that in carrying out this procedure there is no need to grind the adjacent teeth. This implant is aesthetically pleasing and natural and fully replaces real teeth.

Prices for false teeth

dentures their priceThe costs of the procedure depend on many factors, such as the city, the manufacturer, the dental clinic level, and so on. Therefore, clearly to indicate the price for a particular type of false teeth is not possible, it should be told by a specialist.

  • Acrylic dentures. The price for a complete removable construction is 550-800$.
  • Nylon dentures. On average, the price of such a prosthesis is about 315$. Polyurethane prostheses. Their cost ranges from about 560 to 1100$.
  • Clasp dentures. Depending on the type of attachment dentures price for this type ranges from 1400 to 3400$.
  • “Quattro Ti” prostheses. The cost of their installation can be 2000-2800$.
  • Crowns. Metal-ceramic products are about 250-350$ for a crown; the price for ceramics is typically 2-3 times higher.
  • Bridges. As the cost of crowns, dental bridge price depends on the material from which it is made. Thus, for example, about 330$ will be the cost for a metal-ceramic bridge of three units. Cast bridge from cobalt-chrome alloy – about 550$. Ceramics will be more expensive – somewhere in the 850-1150$.
  • Tabs (inlays). 650-950$ are ceramic inlays of pressed ceramics, the same of zirconia – in the range of 850-1000$.
  • Veneers. The cost of installation is about 300 to 900$.
  • Implantation. The cost of this procedure is also determined depending on the material and the manufacturer. On average, the cost of one implant is 1600-2250$.

Making a choice in favor of one or another type of tooth replacement, of course, you must take into account the budget, and the state of health, and the pros and cons, which have different ways of dental restorations.

Regardless of teeth which were decided to be inserted – chewing or front, it is better to read online reviews of patients have already used this service in the dental clinic. View photos of works of various dentists specializing in prosthetics or implantation.

However, you should still consult a dentist who will give a professional assessment of their condition and will help you make the right choice of prosthesis or implant.

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