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What is included in the price of metal-ceramic dentures?

metal ceramics teeth dentures prices examples

Reconstruction of destroyed or lost due to various reasons teeth today is almost the most popular services provided to their patients by dental centers and clinics. There are many kinds of such a recovery, in particular, metal-ceramic prosthesis.

It is popular to call them bridges or crowns, which are made of metal, and coated by casting or spraying a thin layer of ceramic material. The entire structure is hypoallergenic.

Metal base with great accuracy repeats the shape of the tooth and the outer layer helps to make it look very similar to the actual teeth.

Most of all this kind of prosthesis are popular for the restoration of the tooth, called chewing, due to high strength. However, metal-ceramic dentures are also put on the front teeth, for aesthetic quality is largely dependent on the materials used.

For example, the use of colored precious metals and some special technology allows approximating the appearance of the original teeth.

What determines the price and what it includes?

There are objective factors that may substantially affect the price of metal dental constructions. The fact is that the price spread in this kind of prosthesis is very high.

If we consider the cost in general, on the market, the average price will be around 1100-1300$. However, there are many varieties of a price. Minimum price starts from 400-500$ and may even reach 2300$ or more.

The price is composed of different factors in each different case. Some of them are mandatory while others – not.

The preparatory stage – therapeutic


In many hospitals, especially with a very high level of service, this service either is free or its price will be included in the bill at the end of all the works.

Its approximate price is 25-30$.


dental examination before prostheticsFirst is X-ray. As a result, of the taken image, further actions of a specialist can be decided. Prices start at 50$ and can be increased up to nearly 150$, depending on the equipment and the required image quality, their saving and printing out for future reference.


If the old seals were found during the examining, it is possible to evaluate their quality. If it is insufficient, it is required to set another seal. The price of the procedure varies from 60-300$. Here, the price depends on the complexity of the work and material used.

You may need to palpation, which implies a subsequent sealing channels. This is done when the source of inflammation or some other are found.

Also, in the case of such diseases such as pulpitis or periodontitis their treatment is mandatory. The cost of all works can reach 370-600$.

Stump crown

If the tooth is not destroyed by more than a half, then a metal-ceramic crown is mounted on the pin. It’s easier and cheaper.

In the case when the destruction is very strong, if there are only walls of a tooth left or a tooth is destroyed completely to the root, there is a need to manufacture and install special stump crowns. This construction is essentially a support for a crown, it increases the durability and reliability of the whole structure, including the issue of guarantees.

Their value may depend on the extent of tooth destruction and materials. This is the approximate price for one piece with the installation:

  • single rooted metal – from 110-145$;
  • double rooted metal – about 170$;
  • triple rooted metal – from 230$ and more;
  • tabs made using zirconia dioxide is more expensive, the price starts at about 450$.

Preparation for dentures, the procedure itself

These two steps are merged into one, as it makes no sense to divide the cost of the work directly of a dentist, a podiatrist (the process of making crowns) and the installation of metal ceramics. As it makes no sense to buy a separate crown without its installation.

Almost all hospitals announced a total price. This means that the cost of the material and work with the metal-ceramic prosthesis are included in one total price.

There is only one small step which is necessary in most cases. It is charged separately. It is manufacturing and installation of plastic temporary crowns for the teeth that have been prepared and the grind. Such constructions are needed for aesthetic appearance and protection of already prepared and peeled teeth.

The price of each crown starts from about 20-30$.

Subjective components of the price

The first thing to mention is a manufacturer of materials for the manufacture of constructions used in prosthetics.

The factor is partially subjective, since, apart from the fact that each company has specific technological developments and conducts its pricing policy, there are objective reasons for a rise in price on the market of imported materials.

Another is to mention, that the selection of the clinic is also very important. The absolutely similar metal-ceramic dental structure may have different prices, even in a network of clinics.

This is due to the specific location and reputation. The more famous is a dental center, the higher may be the price.

The region in which the service of cemented prosthesis is provided is also important in determining the final cost. If prices in Los Angeles and New York and other large cities is more or less comparable, in small towns you can get the same services much cheaper.

In this case, low cost (relatively) is not an indication of low quality. Of course, large clinics, which doctors have extensive practical experience, certainly provide a guarantee for their services. But this does not mean that in small clinics a work will be done worse.

veneers on the teeth priceWhat the price for veneers on the teeth consists of? We will find out from the specialists.

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Factors of economy

cheap denturesPartly it has been already mentioned on what you can save money without sacrificing the quality of the established ceramic-metal prostheses. Part of the factors are not so clear, but they will also be indicated.

Firstly, the choice of the particular clinics providing such services. It is not always necessary to go to another city in order to pay less. It is necessary to ask for guidance on prices of metal-ceramic constructions within one city and its suburbs.

However, it is desirable to still ask whether a particular institution provides a guarantee for patients. In some cases, the savings can amount to significant sums, up to 20-30%.

Secondly, all the clinics from time to time have various promotions and offer discounts to their patients. Sometimes it is quite impressive. If the case is not too urgent, it may make sense to wait for such promotions.

Third, you can save on materials themselves. For example, the basis of the dental crowns can have great differences in price. After all such constructions are manufactured of not only metal-cobalt alloys, titanium, nickel, and chromium. Sometimes platinum or gold (see photo at left.) are also used, last – more often.

Of course, precious metals have numerous advantages. However, in this case, you can do without them because others are not worse when talking about the reliability of alloys for crown foundations, and the presence of precious materials increases the cost by about 110-150$ per gram.

Fifth, the number of manufactured crowns can also affect the cost of one unit. The more teeth to be made prosthetics, the lower will be the average price. This is similar to a reduction in prices at the wholesale supply.

How much does the material cost?

First of all, it should be mentioned that there are many manufacturers of such constructions. This will also partly affect the price.

In particular, the prices differ on the ceramic material itself. It is applied separately to the metal frame, and then firing is conducted in a special furnace.

Metal types – approximate prices

This refers to the clinic with a more or less decent level averaged prices, but without showing-off. All numbers presented in this section apply only to crowns themselves, the work of a dentist and other components of the price are not taken into account here.

  • The manufacturer of ceramics itself is Germany or Japan, the frame is made of chrome-cobalt alloy – about 340-400$ per unit.
  • The cost of the frame, which is made of alloys of precious metals such as gold-platinum alloy or gold-palladium, is higher than the price for all crowns of other materials – 600$.

    The total price of construction (one crown) is beginning with 2500$. However, it is worth considering that the price can increase quite significantly with increasing of gold rate.

veneersWhat veneers exactly are and what advantages do they have?

Wisdom tooth has many symptoms and one of them is temperature.

Here: https://dentistexpert.org/dentures/fixed/crowns/what-are-the-best-to-put-on-the-teeth.html – are the reviews about better crowns for teeth.

Front (front visible) teeth and cost of prosthetics

Dentures of metal and ceramicsSuch a prosthesis is preferably carried out immediately for the whole of the visible row. This greatly increases the aesthetics. If you want only one crown made, it will almost always differ from the adjacent teeth.

This service is available if there are no other opportunities for restoration or tooth restoration, that is, an almost complete destruction of it.

The cost of crowns using the framework of the precious metals will begin here already with 1000-1200$, since it requires great skill, both of technicians, and the doctor to perform a better work and color matching.

For posterior teeth, it is sometimes more expensive to insert metal-ceramic crowns. Here it is necessary to take into account the number of required materials per unit of a prosthetic. However, one cannot use the precious metals and temporary crowns in this case. This is quite a substantial savings.

It is worth adding that the price of a metal-ceramic crown, fixed to the bone implant is much higher. This is due to the high cost of the implants themselves.

The same crown, only using zirconium dioxide will cost at least 950-1050$, which equates to expensive jewelry constructions.

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