What are the best crowns to put on the teeth?

Dental crowns which are better what to buy

For people whose teeth have collapsed completely or partially, crowns are the only way to preserve the aesthetics of a smile. Artificial dentures allow a person to have no trouble chewing the food.

They are also needed to maintain the patient’s correct occlusion. Because they are made from different materials, the question arises, which are the best to choose.

What are they?

To begin with you need to understand what is the function of the crown, and when it is needed. To set it up – you need to visit a dentist, make the molds and wait until the dentures will be made for individual sizes.

The crown is a fixed construction, which is set on a damaged tooth. It should be noted that it is used not only for a damaged tooth but also in the case of their complete absence. In the last case, the installation technology changes.

Dentists recommend setting artificial prostheses with a strong destruction of more than 70%. Otherwise, a sealing or a tab are to be set. To determine the correct use of any of the methods can only a doctor.

What kinds of them to choose?

Patient has a choice of selection of a possible prosthesis. They mainly differ in the manufacturing material and costs. The doctor may recommend a certain type based on the fact on which group of teeth they are to be set: the front or chewing. Let’s consider the most well-known types of crowns.


Metal dental crownsConsidered the most popular, but have recently become less and less used. They please the patient with long life, reliability and excellent restoring of chewing opportunities, but are unattractive in appearance.

Therefore, doctors recommend them to put only on the sides. metal crowns are divided into the following types:


Most often they are recommended for posterior teeth. They will not be visible during a conversation or smile, so their aesthetic function is not important. Molded constructions may be of different colors, of metal or with a gold hue.

Their advantages include long service life (15 years) and a small tooth processing prior to their installing. Artificial metal prosthesis – is the best choice for those who do not have a large amount of money, but wants to get a reliable and long lasting construction.


It is a temporary structure. They are made for patients who have teeth in poor condition. At the same time by the individual indicators they cannot be removed, so the stamped crowns allow you to save their integrity for a short period of time.

Because they are made of a metal sleeve, they do not have exact dimensions. As a result, food residues penetrate beneath them, which destroy enamel. Their advantages include lower price and absence of manipulation prior to their placement on the tooth depulpation.

veneers on the teeth price photoFind out the price for veneers on the teeth and look at their photo.

In this review is told about which dentures are better for setting up.

Here: https://dentistexpert.org/orthodontics/braces/correction-of-occlusion-using-before-and-after-pictures.html – Look at the photo of ceramic braces before and after setting up.


Are among the most expensive constructions. The high cost is due to aesthetics of finished products; they most accurately reflect the natural color of teeth. Also, note their durability, they can serve for 15 years.

Previously, they were not recommended to be installed on the side rows because of their low strength. Through the use of casting technology, the situation has changed. Today, ceramic products are most demanded by patients who have a sufficient amount of money.


Their main advantage – it’s appearance, which cannot be compared to a type of prosthesis. There are a lot more disadvantages- this is a shorter period of wearing if to compare with ceramic crowns.

Also, it is necessary to be prepared that their production cost is very expensive and to install such a piece of art one can only on one tooth, bridge constructions are not provided. Even if you are willing to pay a rather big amount of money for porcelain dentures, you have to look for the dental laboratory, as with such a jewelry work just high-level expert can cope.


Immediately it should be understood that they are not used as a basic prosthesis. These are temporary structures that are created for the purpose of adjusting to enthetic products while main crowns are being prepared.

For temporary purposes, this is a great option because they are made quickly and are cheap. Their maximum “life period” of the plastic product is 1 year.

It is not necessary to use them for continuous wear, since they possess a number of disadvantages:

  • rapid abrasion of coating, browning or formation of stains on it;
  • the porous material does not produce sufficient protection against the penetration of bacteria;
  • the material itself may cause allergies for a patient, and structures leave gum wounds.


Zirconium dental crownsThey are often recommended by dentists for its optimum performance. On the strength zirconium, crowns are similar to metal but have an attractive appearance. The advantages also include a good fit on the tooth, hypoallergenic and the possibility of installation for those who suffer from inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity.


For a long time, it was fashionable to have such crowns. Today, the popularity of products has decreased due to the appearance of aesthetic prostheses and the high cost of gold crowns. Although this design has many advantages. This include:

  • good perception by the human body of gold products without allergic and inflammatory reactions;
  • long-term use;
  • gold crowns well grasp the tooth and do not corrode.


Such designs have more disadvantages than advantages. Modern dentistry uses them when you cannot grind a tooth a lot. For patients, the benefit from this type of crowns is an acceptable cost.

The disadvantages of titanium products include their unattractiveness, short service life, poor adhesion to the tooth. They are completely unable to cope with the chewing function, and modern dental centers refuse to use titanium because of its carcinogenicity.


The patient can significantly save up on prosthetics, choosing such construction. They consist of different components, where the inner durable material is covered by more aesthetic. For their installation, a strong turning of the teeth is required, but the already established constructions are distinguished for their durability and reasonable price.

The best known are the following crowns:

  • Metal-ceramic. These crowns have a ceramic coating. There is a metal base inside of them. Their advantage is universality since they can be installed on any tooth due to the relatively low cost and aesthetics.
  • Metal with plastic. They are referred to a temporary prosthesis; the maximum lifespan is 3 years. Their low value is not available to cover significant drawbacks. These include the color of the surface, poor adhesion to teeth and gums, as well as a marked translucence of the metal.
  • Metal-porcelain. They can be called perfect crowns, as they are strong and have a beautiful look. Unlike metal-ceramic, they longer retain the natural color. Their only drawback is a high price for the work and the products themselves.

photo veneersYou will find veneers photo in our publication.

Well, and here is the price for metal ceramics dental crown.

By the link: https://dentistexpert.org/orthodontics/mouthguards/for-leveling-the-teeth-types-advantages-and-features-of-use.html – Read the reviews about mouthguards for teeth leveling.


The average term of prosthetic service is 10 years. However, the end result depends not only on the type of material used. It is a need in a properly made tooth preparation. As before installing the doctor needs to do a lot of procedures. These include depulpation and sealing the channels. Statistics don’t show good results, more than 60% of the work is performed poorly.

Usually, dental clinics give 1-year warranty for their services. But this does not save the patient because the substandard treatment of inflammation peak occurs after a maximum of 1.5 years. It turns out that the patient has to pay for all the procedures again. It may also reduce the period of using in the case of non-compliance with proper oral hygiene by a patient.

What determines the price?

how much are dental crownsMaterials which are used by the dental technician in the manufacture of an artificial prosthesis, greatly affect the final price. For example, in a single cast metal product, you will have to pay about 600$. Metal is from 700$ for one prosthesis. More expensive crowns include ceramics, which will cost 850$.

The clinics for crowns manufacturing use different raw materials production. This also affects the cost of construction. For example, with the addition of ceramic dentures made in Japan are for 90-110$ higher than domestic.

If the manufacture of metal-ceramic prostheses a gold-platinum alloy is used, one crown will cost 1400$.

If you need to install temporary structures, then it is necessary to prepare about 90$ for one tooth. Inexpensive price is due to low-performance plastics from which such products are manufactured.

The crowns price also includes the cost for the clinic class, the level of professionalism of the dentist and dental technician. Because the prosthesis does not like discrepancies, you should not chase the low prices. On the contrary, they should alert the patient who should clarify all the details of service.


A positive result will only be in case if the doctor properly performs his work. Taken into account individual problems, correctly took molds, manufactured dentures and set them fixed.

If you have an opinion about the choice of crowns, then share them in the comments to the article.

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