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How much will it cost to get a denture made?

Get a fixed, partial denture made how much does it cost

Sooner or later, almost everyone has a need to visit a dentist-orthopedist. No artificially created material cannot compete with what nature has created. If a bad tooth can be restored without the help of a prosthesis – the doctor will suggest taking advantage of this opportunity.

Using special light-curing materials doctors achieve complete similarity with healthy teeth. But in some cases, it is impossible to do without the installation of the dental prosthesis.

Even with the help of a specialist, it is difficult to immediately differentiate the huge variety of materials and prosthetic techniques. The correct choice provides a daily comfort and, as a result, the health and well-being.

Not less important is the question of the cost of the treatment. What criteria should be taken into account, to get a great result at a reasonable price? Where can you save? How much does it cost to get a denture made? These are the questions we will answer in this article.

Methods prosthetics

According to an examining, a prosthodontist offers you a choice of appropriate methods of prosthetics. In the presence of the tooth root, it is possible to install crowns or veneers. This is the simplest and not very expensive way to solve the problem.

In the absence of the tooth following options are used:

  • installation of a bridge prosthesis;
  • installing a crown after implantation of the implant.

In the second case, the treatment may last from 2 to 5 months.

The average cost of the operation with the installation of the implant (without crown) is from 1000$ to 3500$.

Bridges can be mounted both on natural teeth and implants. The price depends on the bridge structure and the material from which it is made.

If prosthesis several teeth in a row are necessary, doctor will suggest:

  • removable prosthesis;
  • implantation of the implants with the subsequent installation of a bridge.

Metal crowns

Metal crowns are of a high strength, they are durable, repeat tooth contours well.

The disadvantage is the probability of occurrence of allergic reactions, provoking inflammation of an adjacent gum tissue, as well as the risk of caries of adhesive teeth. Furthermore, for many patients metal teeth are unacceptable from an aesthetic point of view.

The average price of metal crowns is from 400$ to 1500$, bridge (per tooth) – 1100$ to 3500$.

Porcelain (ceramic) crowns

all ceramic crownsAn excellent material for the manufacture of dentures is porcelain. According to its physical properties, it is almost identical to the tooth enamel.

The advantages of this material include hypoallergenic, chemical inertness, lack of irritants on the gums, attrition resistance, translucency (like natural enamel).

Limitations associated with the use of porcelain are connected to the brittleness of the material, whereby its use is problematic, for example, in the manufacture of bridges. This disadvantage is substantially reduced when installing the implant in the partially destroyed tooth (or, at least, a small part of the preserved crown).

The average cost of a porcelain crown is from 800$ to 3000$.

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Cermet, platinum and gold crowns

The prostheses of cermet the advantages of the above two materials are combined. Cemented implants have good strength, durability (service life – from 8 to 10 years), and a little bit inferior to the porcelain on the aesthetic appearance (they are not translucent).

The metal base prosthesis is typically made of inexpensive metal, but platinum or gold alloys can also be applied (which, naturally, affects the price of the prosthesis). Quality and durability of the artificial tooth are based on precious metal above.

The disadvantages of cermet should include the possibility of chipping, radiographic of a metal base and its output to the outside, the need for a substantial turning off the teeth during installation.

The average price of the metal-ceramic crown is from 500$ to 2500$, bridge (per tooth) – from 1200$ to 4000$.

When using precious metals (platinum, gold) the cost of the metal-ceramic crown can be 2500$ and above.

Plastic crowns

The most available and affordable in all price ranges are plastic dentures. With their help, it is possible to achieve complete similarity with real teeth.

The main disadvantages are instability to abrasion and porosity. Over time, the polymer material becomes “loose” (that promotes the growth of pathogenic bacteria in cavities), absorbs odors, loses its original color.

Such prostheses lifetime is short (about two years) when using a metal frame – up to 5 years.

Traditionally removable plastic prostheses are used in very large or complete absence of teeth (in this case, it is often the only option). However, there are also individual artificial teeth (installed permanently or temporarily).

The average cost of a prosthesis made of plastic is in the range from 100$ to 160$.

One of the main drawbacks of the denture is an unstable fixation in the mouth, which leads to a feeling of discomfort, violation of diction, chafing gums, restriction in hard food.

For the manufacture of artificial teeth, various types of polymers.

Acrylic plastic

The most frequently used material. Durable, practical, aesthetically pleasing. The main drawbacks: some people notice the occurrence of allergic reactions to the material, high rigidity, which leads to deterioration of fixation and causes significant discomfort for the patient with a sensitive mouth cavity.

The approximate cost of denture acrylic is 1300$.


how much is nylon denturesExcellent material, which is characterized by softness, lightness, high strength, good aesthetic appearance. Well adjacent to the gums and the mucosal surface, ideally repeats their contours, thereby significantly reduces the period of getting used to the prosthesis.

The approximate cost of dentures made of nylon is 1900$.


According to its properties, it is not inferior to nylon and is much cheaper.

The approximate cost of the denture made of polyurethane is 1600$.

Increasingly popular in recent years are clasp dentures. Their structure is made of metal and covered with a plastic top. Thanks to accurate fixing, which is carried out in the presence of the abutment teeth, it is possible to achieve the greatest possible comfort.

The wide use of clasp dentures is prevented by their high price, which ranges from 2000$ to 3000$ and more.

Zirconium dioxide crowns

Zirconium dioxide has a complete biocompatibility with oral cavity tissues and, therefore, is suitable for all patients. On the strength properties are superior to all other materials used.

Due to a high precision processing of zirconium dioxide, which excludes the human factor, the artificial teeth are perfectly placed in the jaw with the minimal deviations. There is prosthesis with a surface coating of ceramics, and without it.

The disadvantage of this material is the inability to install the implant in the partially preserved tooth.

The average price of crowns from zirconia is from 1250$ to 2500$, bridge (per tooth) – from 1500$ to 3000$.

How much does it cost to get the front teeth done?

For prosthesis of front teeth, all of the above materials are used, however, there are additional aesthetic requirements.

Metal-ceramic crowns are the most popular due to the reasonable price and good consumer qualities. In the middle price segment, there are crowns made of porcelain. The most expensive and high-quality artificial teeth are made of zirconium dioxide.

Metal crowns on the front teeth are not recommended to install for aesthetic reasons, in spite of their low price. Cheap plastic prostheses are often used as a temporary replacement of permanent implants when they are being manufactured or repaired.

In the case of minor damage to front teeth crowns it is recommended to put veneers – thin plates made of different materials, with the small amount of outer layer of enamel removed. The installation of porcelain veneers can be done on your teeth with a living nerve.

Depending on the materials used and brands veneers prices can range from 500$ to 3500$.

lingual brackets priceLet’s talk about the lingual braces price and the cost of related services.

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Selection criteria of dentures

What to buy denturesKnowing the advantages and disadvantages of different materials and designs used in prosthetics, it is much easier (using a dentist-orthopedist) to find a suitable option for yourself.

All people have different health and structure of the oral cavity. Even when similar cases in prosthetics the best option for one person may not work for another. An important factor in this choice is the price.

If the appearance is very important you will probably need to opt for materials such as porcelain or zirconium dioxide. In the case of temporary financial difficulties, perhaps ideal dentures can be made of plastic. From the ratio “price – quality” most people choose cermet.

The author can only wish good luck to the readers. The choice is yours!

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