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Teeth whitening “Zoom 3”: description of the procedure and reviews for it

zoom teeth whitening technology all reviews

Even if you keep a careful oral hygiene and brush your teeth regularly using an expensive toothpaste and a brush, it does not substitute timely professional cleaning of plaque, tartar, and whitening. The well-kept teeth and white smile is a symbol of well-being, health, and beauty.

Modern technologies which are used in dentistry allow painlessly and effectively to carry out activities of treatment and aesthetic whitening.

What is it all about?

Applied previously Zoom1 and Zoom 2 technology had a little superiority over other whitening methods. During the procedure standard clarifiers of a large concentration of having a negative impact on the structure of the tooth were used.

Today, dentists use advanced Zoom 3 whitening technology with a low content of hydrogen peroxide which does not contain a composition of acidic components.

The technique of laser photobleaching allows you to lighten your teeth within an hour, and the result can be saved for a long time. The procedure provides a stable therapeutic effect, prevents the development of caries and inflammation.

The technology is based on the innovative using gels containing hydrogen peroxide. A special lamp is used to secure the structure.

Under the influence of radiation lightening composition heats and releases the active oxygen that penetrates deep into the enamel and removes pigmentation.

The gel, which is applied to the teeth, reduces sensitivity and strengthens the structure. The procedure is painless and the most comfortable from a psychological standpoint, and its result is a radiant smile and a good mood.

Technology features

 How is teeth whitening zoom 3Generally, for the procedure supplies and equipment of one manufacturer that provides full compatibility and maximum efficiency are used.

  • In previous generations of bleaching systems, it was possible to use lamps with a long service life, resulting in the absence of the desired effect. The new Zoom 3 system allows periodically to replace the UV lamp, which ensures quality.
  • The method distinguishes the intensity of bleaching, at a minimum concentration of lightening of 25%;
  • Before the procedure, teeth are treated with a regenerative gel. The use of the drug reduces the sensitivity and improves the structure of an enamel.

How is the procedure held?

Before the procedure it is recommended to be examined and, if necessary, to carry out treatment and a complete sanation. Also, before the manipulation cleaning of plaque and calculus should be carried out.

The presence of stones may cause uneven bleaching because gel does not go under plaque and mineralized particles gel. Preparatory activities will most effectively carry out whitening.

The procedure takes just over an hour, including the following steps of preparation:

  • Before treatment specialist selects the hue of enamel on a special scale, taking into account the patient’s wishes.
  • A protective cream – photo protector is imposed on the lips and mucous membranes of the oral cavity (lips, cheeks), eyes are protected by goggles. This ensures complete safety.
  • The gums are treated with a special compound that protects the delicate mucous membrane during the procedure.
  • Further, the whitening gel is applied, in a composition containing minerals and fluorides.
  • After applying the composition firmly fixed lamp for whitening the teeth is set, that provides light hits only to the treated area.
  • After 20-25 minutes, the composition is removed and a new layer is then applied. The procedure is repeated three times.
  • After the whitening gel and the remnants of a protective cream are carefully removed. An especially reducing cream that relieves increased sensitivity and strengthens teeth is put on the enamel.

A little advice: be sure to ask for the individual set of drugs used during the procedure, opened directly in your presence.

Advantages and disadvantages

Whitening using the innovative technology has several advantages over other methods and thus becomes the most widespread:

  • Bleaching is effective not only in cases where the enamel is darkened as a result of consumption of cigarettes and strong coffee but with fluorosis (excess of fluorine compounds in the body);
  • The procedure allows to lighten your teeth perfectly in a large range of colors that is unattainable by other methods;
  • Excellent prevention of dental caries and the increase in the density of the enamel;
  • Manipulation takes place with maximum comfort for the patient;
  • Health and brightening effect lasts from 3 to 5 years;
  • The absence of acid in a gel avoids damaging the tooth enamel.

Technology has small disadvantages:

  • After the procedure for 2-3 days, an increased tooth sensitivity to temperature and food acids can remain.
  • Sometimes the effect of extreme whitening can occur when the tooth enamel obtains an unnatural shade of white.
  • A whitening procedure using UV is the most intense and accompanied by the significant development of heat, so that there is a short-term heating of the teeth, bringing a slight temporary discomfort.

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Contraindications for use of the technology

when it is impossible to perform the procedure zoom 3The method, as well as any medical procedure, has contraindications:

  • Children and youth up to age 18;
  • The period of pregnancy and feeding the baby;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Teeth with enamel thinning and increased sensitivity;
  • Enamel, that has cracks;
  • Malignant tumors;
  • Taking certain antibiotics and hormones;
  • Inflammatory periodontal disease;
  • Some mental illnesses;
  • Increased gag reflex.

Further dental care

The frequency of bleaching is individual and varies from one year to ten years. After the whitening, it is very important to follow the recommendations for oral care and regular checkups for early elimination of inflammation and dental treatment.

If there are no contraindications, it is recommended to brush your teeth with UV brush and not to forget about a tooth floss. The dentist will give professional advice on care and will pick up for you a necessary toothpaste, floss, and different rinses.

Within a few days, it is recommended to give up smoking. It is necessary to limit the consumption of foods with color pigments:

  • carrots;
  • beet;
  • berries;
  • sodas;
  • chocolate;
  • ketchup;
  • sauces;
  • wine;
  • juices;
  • coffee and tea.

To maintain the effect of costly procedure for a long time in the future it is also desirable to follow the above-described limitations.

To strengthen the results, your doctor may recommend further treatments at home. By a cast of the teeth, a special mouthpiece will be made. It is filled with gel Zoom for home whitening, worn on the teeth and left overnight for treatment.

Also, gel caps are relevant when after some time it is necessary to refresh the color of the enamel. For recommendations on whitening at home, contact your dentist.

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What determines the price of the service?

It should be understood that cutting-edge technology, including a high-quality and durable individual supplies, can not be cheap. The price includes the work of highly qualified specialists and junior medical staff.

If you opted for this procedure, you must be sure of its quality and safety. Therefore, choose dentistry, which is certified to work on this technology.

Many clinics invite customers to the free initial consultations and offer flexible pricing, discounts, and promotions. Very often as a promotion free cleaning of plaque and mineralized particles are held.

zoom 3 procedure priceThe procedure is done a few days before bleaching – gums should not bleed and cause discomfort. Modern dentistry is actively cooperating with the banks, so you can get credit for hospital services if required.

Forward technology whitening prices depend on many factors, primarily on the initial state and the color of the teeth, the scope of work and usually start at 350 – 400$. For owners of teeth with a natural “yellowish” color, it is recommended to carry out the procedure in several stages, which undoubtedly increases the cost of the procedure.

Do not forget about the seals, set prior to the procedure, as while whitening only the tooth enamel lightens and fillings and crowns do not change color, and the color will dissonance with the color of tooth enamel. In this case the price increase due to restorations.


The best proof of good effect and safety of 3 Zoom whitening is grateful comments from patients who have used the innovative technology.

The modern approach ensures a great result of a long and dazzling smile, fully fulfilling expectations!

On this page, you can share your impressions of the high-tech procedures, leave feedback and tips to help visitors of our site.

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