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Laser Teeth Whitening: reviews, prices and description of the procedure

reviews about laser teeth whitening

Among the many whitening systems it is difficult to choose the most effective procedure. Laser technology stands out among the other with its excellent results, strengthening teeth and simultaneous treatment. This is what the leaflets say to us. And how is everything really going on, patient testimonials will help to understand?

What is the procedure?

Laser whitening applies to professional procedures performed only in the dental clinics. The process requires direct physician involvement with the use of modern equipment.

Briefly, session is reduced to the following actions:

  • First, on the teeth, which are prepared for bleaching, a special gel is applied.
  • To activate its action a laser beam is directed to the tooth surface.
  • For each tooth, it takes 1 to 2 minutes. On average, one session goes from 15 to 20 minutes. If you need a lighter shade, then the process is repeated. The total multiplicity of procedures can be up to 3 times.

The main advantage of the laser technology is that during a session, not an enamel is whitened, as many think. Protein compounds in the dental tissue are exposed. They affect the color of teeth, giving them a yellow or gray.

The gel acts on these compounds, therefore resulting in a radiant smile. During this procedure, a doctor should prevent the strong impact of the active substance.

Large doses of the gel and increase in the duration of the session and reduce its effects and are harmful to the enamel.

The quick result is ensured by a point laser exposure. For example, when photobleaching a light beam is scattered, so the effect is not immediate.

As the result is affected by individual parameters: the state of the teeth, the degree of damage to the enamel, and others, it is hard enough to predict the final color.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for laser teeth whiteningIt is recommended to apply the laser bleaching for those whose teeth have an unsightly or ugly shade of color (yellow, gray). Since the meaning of the procedure is reduced to the effects on dentin, it is first necessary to ensure the absence of contraindications.

It is not recommended to perform the procedure for:

  • Adolescents whose age does not exceed 16 years.
  • During the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • With increased tooth sensitivity.
  • If a person is prone to allergic reactions to components used during the session.
  • In diseases of the oral cavity that are in the acute stage.
  • If the client has visible seals made of old material. While the procedure they will not bleach and will significantly stand out from the bleached teeth.
  • If there is a damaged enamel, erosion or increased in size pulp.

The list of contraindications is small and mostly avoidable. It is necessary to carry out a pre-treatment, after which you can proceed to the laser exposure.

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According to dental clinics customer reviews of, laser treatment is considered to be the most expensive. These costs are justified, as a result, patients get fast results and a white smile. This session is painless and safe.

The lowest price is from 500$ including promotional or coupon offers. The maximum price can reach 2500$ in the elite dental clinics.


A lot of people have already experienced the effects of modern bleaching. There are mostly positive reviews about the procedure because patients get the desired effect. Among the shortcomings only the high prices are noted.

On carrying out the procedure

Firstly, most patients treated with modern bleaching agents noted the painlessness of the procedure. Because it can take from 15 minutes to 1 hour, it is a very important point.

Not everyone is ready to experience pain even for a snow-white smile. Patients also note these pleasant moments:

  • The rapidity of the procedure. For once all the teeth are not treated. For example, smile area – 8 of upper and lower teeth are taken. Least in15 minutes they are whitened by several tones. After a time, you can repeat the whitening and brighten your teeth for another 3-4 tint.
  • The absence of any odors from the bleaching gel. Reviews indicate that it falls softly. It has an unpleasant smell; consistency is similar to the thermal paste.
  • Preserving the integrity of the enamel. During the procedure, there is no negative effect, so the teeth for a long period remain white.
  • The bactericidal effect. It is in the structure of a gel, so in addition to a beautiful smile, the patient receives a therapeutic effect. Teeth are subjected to further treatment, which protects them in the future on the development of tooth decay and gum disease.

Also, some disadvantages associated with bleaching procedure are noted:

  • For the dentist effectively to do the job, you need to keep your mouth open for a long time. As a result, jaws become numb. The doctor uses a bright backlight that dazzles the eye.
  • Repeated bleaching for many people passes painfully. Reviews suggest shooting pain that continues during the process and after it.
  • Despite the application of a protective gel and use of a special dilator, it impacts the gum tissue. As a result, customers experience a burning sensation.

In the first days after bleaching the roots of the teeth can be yellow. Also, there are uneven white spots. Do not worry: in maximum one week, the teeth acquire an even tone.

On the preparatory stage

what to do before laser teeth whiteningBefore laser, bleaching doctor must perform additional procedures. According to the reviews, some of them deliver unpleasant sensations:

  • Examining the oral cavity. During the examination with the help of special tools the mouth of the patient is opened, checking the condition of the gums. This binding process includes the identification of plaque, caries or other diseases. If there is no necessity for the treatment, then the doctor proceeds to the application of the solution.
  • Cleaning the oral cavity. Patients with hypersensitivity complain of discomforts such as burning of a tongue and oral mucosa. In this case, 40 minutes of processing last very long. Feedback from patients, after cleaning teeth react to food and other stimuli. As a rule, all the symptoms disappear the next day.

Cleaning fee is required, for this, you will have to pay about 75-200$. Do not agree to carry out the laser session with dental diseases, even if only wisdom teeth are damaged.

About period after bleaching

Clinic Clients who have received a radiant smile by whitening, note the following points:

  • Strict adherence to a special diet. This means that during the 4 days a patient cannot eat food that contains pigments. Except coffee, a patient cannot drink even green tea. These guidelines need to be followed since the whitening procedure is still going on during this time.
  • You must use a special tooth cleaning soft brush and paste. Often, these products are available in dentistry, where the bleaching was carried out. As professional care toothpaste “Mexidol Dent” is recommended. Due to the content of potassium nitrate, it is not the only analgesic but also strengthens the result.
  • Some patients during the first week react on air and feel another discomfort. To reduce this sensitivity, you can use the gel for remineralization. If the severe pain, you can take pain medication, such as Ketanov.

A year later, whitening of teeth is reduced. Repeated procedures should be carried out after 7 years. Compared with other methods bleaching is the longest lasting.

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Tips from patients who have used this service

Customers who have passed laser whitening, recommend not to save money on this procedure. It is better to apply to dentistry, where modern equipment is used and qualified doctors work.

For those who are not afraid of pain, suitable combination procedure will take place, which involves two approaches of a laser and a zoom processing. The duration of bleaching is prolonged, but the result is a beautiful and natural white color.

Since teeth whitening is carried out in three stages, after each of which the teeth become whiter, the patient himself can determine the multiplicity of procedures. In the dental office, a smile seems purer white. To determine the shade of the teeth correctly, you need to know a little rule:

selection of enamel colorA hue of an enamel should match the whites of the eyes. Otherwise, the teeth look not nice.

Be sure before you start to sign a contract with the clinic. It prescribes what color you should get in the end. This will help in case of unsatisfactory results to require a repeat session free of charge. The agreement also prescribes a guarantee; in an average hospital pose a period of 5 years.

To extend this period once a year, it is desirable to have supportive sessions. You can purchase a mouthguard set and use it at home. You can buy it in pharmacies and dental clinics. Dental services will cost about 100$.

In general, reviews about laser bleaching are extremely positive. Minor pain with which patients face during a session and thereafter is compensated by an excellent result.

Opinions boil down to the fact that it is expensive, but the most effective treatment to date. An insignificant number of contraindications makes it accessible to the majority of patients.

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