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Crest 3DWhite Whitestrips – teeth whitening strips: varieties, prices, reviews

Strips for tooth whitening crest whitestrips exclusive reviews

Beautiful white teeth smile was simply a dream not so long ago. Not many people could afford an expensive whitening procedure.

Modern methods of whitening can not only save money but also get effective results, without leaving home. One of such tools is whitening strips of brand Crest.


The Crest Company, having a vast sales experience of bleaching agents, has developed innovative whitening strips for the enamel. They are made of very thin synthetic fibers which can be easily located on the crowns, without causing inconvenience in speech.

Plastic base provides an easy plate rejection when using. This allows you to use the product in all conditions for people of all ages. The material has a gel saturation based on natural ingredients.

Adhered to teeth it begins releasing active substances, which are capable of penetrating into the deep layers of enamel, quickly lightening the darkened surface. The composition of these strips is approved by leading US dentists.


Crest White strips 3D White are produced in the form of polyester stripes, saturated with gel, which is applied to polyethylene base. Efficient lighting of an enamel in a small amount of time is reached by correctly selected components that are part of the gel:

  • hydrogen peroxide. This is the main component responsible for the bleaching. Depending on the percentage of content bleaching will be more or less intense;
  • sodium hydroxide. It provides neutral effect of the acidic environment, thereby, increases the effectiveness of a clarifying agent;
  • salts of pyrophosphoric acid. They soften an old dental plaque that can be easily removed afterward. It actively prevents the formation of new plaque;
  • carbomer. The substance, which creates a high adhesion;
  • glycerol. It is used to increase the density of the composition so that it is better applied to the enamel. Also actively provides a moisture retention;
  • water. It restores dehydration caused by carbomer;
  • sodium saccharin. It improves the taste characteristics of the gel.


kinds of teeth whitening strips CrestBleaching systems of Crest companies are represented in strips which are divided into two groups on the degree of sensitivity: intensive and careful whitening.

The system of careful whitening of the enamel

This system includes the products intended for conservative whitening for the enamel with a high degree of sensitivity:

Stain Shield

Products designed more for maintaining the whiteness than for a self-visible whitening. However, with regular use, you can whiten the enamel for 2 tints. They are distinguished for their convenience in the appliance: in order to maintain the whiteness, it is enough to apply strips every other day for 5 minutes.

With daily gluing small whitening will be only in a week. Package has 28 pairs of plastic strips, which are used as required. Price per course ranges from 40$.

Gentle Routine

The system is designed to whiten by 3 tons with the most sensitive teeth enamel and is designed to four weeks of regular use. Thanks to the active components all the dental plaque can be easily removed without damaging the enamel.

For efficient result a daily use of polyester strips not more than 5 minutes per day is required. Bleaching using this tool will cost about 40$.


Series designed for basic tooth whitening for 3 tones with normal teeth sensitivity. The package is intended for use for 12 days, so the strips are perfect for those who first decided to do lightening of tooth enamel, without leaving home.

In order to ensure daily whitening, it is necessary to paste the product for half an hour every day. Visible results will be within 5 days. After a course, an enamel will retain white color for about six months.

The only drawback of this type of strips is a possible slip during a conversation or smoking. To buy Vivid stripes can cost you 28$.

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The system of intensive whitening of an enamel

The system includes products to use by people with normal and reduced enamel sensitivity:

Glamorous White

A system for rapid bleaching of an outer surface of a crown, with normal sensitivity. It requires a regular application for half an hour for a couple of weeks. After these teeth enamel will be at least 3 tints whiter.

The effect of the application is visible after 4 days, and after completing the course is fixed for almost a year. The strips have a good adhesion, and therefore, a sliding off the surface is excluded. For improved characteristics of these strips, you will have to pay not less than 45$.

Professional Effects

This product is the best for an enamel with normal sensitivity. At the half an hour use it makes your teeth whiter by more than 4 tons. This effect becomes noticeable after three times. After a full course of 20 days, the tone is fixed and kept up to six months.

Polyester fiber adheres well to the teeth without damaging the enamel. Stripes for the lower teeth are wider than mentioned above. The price for using such bleaching is 55$.

Supreme FlexFit

It is the most intensive whitening system from Crest White products. The composition of selected components was made in such a way, that a whitening is immediate. Already after the first application, the enamel becomes much whiter.

After completing the course of two weeks, the enamel is whiter by 6 tons. Wearing such strips lasts at least 1 hour every day. It should be borne in mind that it strongly influences the crown, making it very sensitive.

The effect is fixed for 18 months. Polyester tapes for the upper and lower teeth have the same length and an increased adhesion. A rapid bleaching course costs about 65$.

The prolonged effect which is promised by the manufacturer will be only in the case if a person rarely uses coloring drinks and has no bad habits.


Strips of Crest brand with whitening effect, though not directly, but still affect the body. Therefore, as many of such methods have their contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • allergic reactions to components;
  • breastfeeding;
  • caries on bleached teeth;
  • age under 16 years;
  • periodontal disease;
  • the presence of seals. In this case, you should consult your dentist beforehand;
  • having a professional dental whitening;
  • usage of orthodontic appliances and systems.

Detailed instructions for usage

tooth whitening procedure using stripsA gateway to excellent results in bleaching is the correct application of the strips.


  • Locate yourself in front of the mirror in order to ensure smooth and accurate placing of the strip. Separate the polyester tape from the plastic cover;
  • Equally, place saturated tape side to the outer surface of the teeth and, pressing, spread over the crowns. Long is to be put on the upper dentition, shorter on the bottom;
  • An edge of a strip protruding over the cutting part of the dentition should be bend inward;
  • Take the necessary minutes for the procedure;
  • Remove the strip and gel. Remove gel by using a delicate cleaning or rinsing water. With a low sensitivity of the enamel, it is quite acceptable to leave the gel on the teeth.

After using whitening strips it is recommended to use a conditioner for hypersensitive teeth.


Acknowledgment of Crest brand strips is due to a number of advantages:

  • Low cost. Bleaching of this type in dental clinics costs a lot more;
  • Enamel damage is excluded, which is not in the case of professional whitening methods at a specialist;
  • The sensitivity of tooth enamel increases rarely;
  • The balanced concentration of bleaching agent;
  • The possibility of self-regulation of the using time;
  • The safety of the components;
  • In the case of normal sensitivity to the strip, the application time can be increased;
  • Missing procedures do not affect the end result;
  • Coping even with stains from smoking.

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Tips for usage

Using the strips Crest Whitestrips for qualitative whitening will be more effective if you follow some advice:

  • Before using, make sure that it has been at least 1 hour after brushing. Otherwise, severe irritation of the gum tissue and enamel increased reaction is possible;
  • Always open a new strip for the procedure. Gel remains on the old strip does not contain the main component of bleaching anymore;
  • Different strips should be used for different dentition, as they have a different anatomical shape. When using the bottom strips on the upper dentition, entire surface of crowns will not be covered;
  • Avoid contact with the gel with the gums, as this may cause severe irritation;
  • Keep close sanitary napkins, as, during the release of active substances, an increased salivation may occur and a small amount of foam as well;
  • Some spots may sometimes appear on the surface, showing a slight dehydration. Normally, they disappear within a few hours;
  • You should not use strips while sleeping because they can slide into the mouth. This can lead them to airways;
  • Try to avoid the release of the substance into the stomach. Sometimes it can cause irritation.

What do customers say about them?

What the customers say about the Crest WhitestripsThe efficiency of Crest whitening strips is proved by a lot of positive reviews. There are complaints of ill-selected products, which gives the promised effect, but it spoils the sensitivity of the teeth.

If you want to share your opinion you can leave your comments in the comments to this article.

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