How can you harmlessly whiten your teeth at home?

how to bleach teeth quickly at home

A beautiful and white smile gives a person confidence. But modern dental procedures are very expensive. Alternatively, you can try home whitening. How to carry out the procedure, and what methods are considered to be the safest?

Why enamel loses its color over time?

The physiological characteristics and the daily diet influence this process. Over time, the enamel becomes thinner and begins to be exposed to external influences.

Constant reception of staining foods and drinks turns into plaque formation on teeth. As a result of the excessive consumption of coffee, tea – the smile becomes faded. Bad habits such as smoking, also leave their mark.

Caring for teeth using whitening paste does not bring proper results. Therefore, over time, each of us thinks about the effective method of whitening.

Traditional methods

There exists a number of recipes that have been used for many years. As the compounds, there are active ingredients that are often used for rinsing the oral cavity. So they not only make a radiant smile but also have a disinfecting effect.

How can soda help?

This method is the simplest, therefore, it is so popular. To apply it, buy a pack of an ordinary baking soda. The procedure is carried out in two ways:

  • Take a brush, then moisten it with warm water and pour a little soda on it. The amount is defined as follows: it has to be a thin layer covering the entire surface of the brush. Then, brush the teeth as usually.
  • The second method is more complicated, but suits for those who fear for the state of the enamel or have tooth sensitivity. To do this, take a little bit of usual toothpaste and add thereto some soda. The resulting mixture is used for brushing teeth.

The use of soda has negative points. It makes the enamel thinner, so with frequent use, the teeth become weak and painful, and the gums begin to bleed.

Hydrogen peroxide

The substance is found in many ready-made tools, which are used to whiten teeth. This method is safe if properly calculate the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. A large amount of the active ingredient quickly whitens teeth.

There may be discomfort if the substance will penetrate to the nerves of the teeth. As a result, their sensitivity will greatly increase. Gums burning sensations may also be added.

After 1-2 procedures, you can see already the first results, the final effect after will be in a few weeks.

Exposure to hydrogen peroxide is carried out in two ways:

  • Damp a cotton wool and rub the teeth, then brush them with a toothpaste and rinse the mouth.
  • First, the cleaning of the teeth is performed, and then, a solution is prepared. The ratio of the following: for 100 grams of water takes 35-40 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Rinse the mouth with it. After that, rinse the mouth plain water.

Activated carbon

whiten teeth with charcoal

Photo: Activated carbon

The tablets are ground, and then used alone or mixed with toothpaste. This method was used even by our ancestors, who for the procedure took charcoal.

To get the desired effect it is necessary to carry out home bleaching not more than 1 time per week.

Apple vinegar

Pretty old way, which gives the desired result. It is even compared with professional cleaning. The downside of this method has increased the acidity of apple cider vinegar. Frequent exposure will damage the teeth and enhance their sensitivity.

Household bleach

For quick results, Home-made pasta is prepared. It includes:

  • salt,
  • soda,
  • hydrogen peroxide.

The resulting slurry is gently applied on the enamel, previously put on a brush.

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Folk remedies

As a whitening ingredient, the most unusual means are often used. Let’s distinguish methods that are the most effective:

With the help of berries

It turns out, that strawberries and wild strawberries contain natural bleaching agents that gently act on the enamel and bleach it. To use this tool, you need to mash one of the berries. Then apply it on the brush and perform a cleansing motion.

This tool has one drawback. Like any berry, strawberry contains fructose, glucose, and acid. Therefore, after a procedure, you should thoroughly clean an oral cavity using a fluoride toothpaste.

Ash from an eggplant

This method gives a perfect result but is dangerous with a frequent use. For home whitening, it is enough to carry it out two times per week. Intensive use may lead to the damaging of enamel.

The bleaching effect is achieved due to the content of an ash: potassium hydroxide. To get the cleaning agent you must burn a vegetable on fire. The resulting powder is used for brushing.

Tea tree oil

Initially, perform cleaning teeth with toothpaste. Then leave several drops of oil. Next, perform normal cleaning. During the procedure, you can feel a slight numbness. The final step to rinse a mouth using water and lemon juice.

In order to achieve the result, the procedure should be repeated for a month. This method also helps to remove plaque and get rid of bleeding gums.

The use of tea tree oil is safe for teeth and gums. In addition to the bleaching effect of the oil, it is antiseptic, thus killing bacteria.

Using lemon juice

lemon juice for teeth whiteningTo prepare a bleach mixture it is necessary to add a little more salt and soda. The resulting mush should be used to rub teeth daily. You can just eat lemons, but not too many. Acid contained in citrus fruits causes increased tooth sensitivity.

Ready means

Pharmacies and dental clinics sell a variety of sets that can be used for home whitening. Their set includes cap and a special gel. You can this tool can be for 2-3 weeks.

Pharmacies sell a standard set, and the clinics can make the mouthguard to the size of your jaw.

Another way – is the applying special strips. A beautiful smile can be obtained within two weeks after their usage. Do this every day for at least 30 minutes to get an effect. Their effect is compared with the professional tools. They also differ in absolute safety.

Less effective methods include the use of gels. They contain bleaching components and by the way of impact are similar to the normal toothpaste. The structure includes a soft material that does not harm the enamel.

Is it possible to achieve results in 1 day?

How quickly to whiten teeth at home, and is possible to accomplish in 1 day? According to the feedbacks – a very efficient “mean of pharmacy” is a pencil. It consists of the active ingredient – carbamide peroxide, which takes effect under the LED-lamp. The oxygen separates, and as a result, teeth are excellently whitened.

This method is painless and produces no side effects. For one application at home, you can change the color of teeth in 6-10 shades.

Products helping a snow-white smile

Experts recommend eating foods that strengthen teeth and effectively clear them from plaque and food debris. This include:

  • Carrot. The advantage of its use is the lack of acid in the vegetable and its fibrous structure. It contributes not only to the removal of plaque but also protects the enamel from different formations.
  • Chocolate. Sweet lovers can now enjoy dark chocolate and not worry about the teeth. It turns out that theobromine, which is part of the product, helps to maintain a radiant smile.
  • Dairy. They not only save teeth from decay but also remove the remnants of food that get stuck in hard to reach places after eating. It has long been known that cheddar cheese perfectly fulfills the function of whitening.

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ban on enamel whitening procedureAs during home treatments, there are effects on tooth enamel, it is not recommended to get too involved in these methods in the following cases:

  • At high tooth sensitivity. Since the impact on them leads to painful sensations.
  • If the front teeth of a person have fillings or crowns. Bleaching then occurs not homogeneously. As a result, man-made materials are a few shades darker.
  • If the enamel is gray. These spots appear as a result of receiving antibiotics, such as tetracycline, in childhood.

Before the procedure at home, you should carry out a test. To do this, take a sheet of white paper, attach it to your smile and go to the mirror. If yellow color is present, then the home methods lead to a positive result.

The predominance of gray tones suggests more serious problems. Home bleaching in such cases rarely helps.

Guidelines and tips

Choosing any of the methods, you should remember, that very frequent use of the bleaching products will lead to the erosion of enamel. The strong impact of existing components eventually leads to tooth weakness. As a result, they are more exposed and become susceptible to caries and become sensitive.

Modern dentists do not recommend to resort to questionable methods of whitening. Wanting to save money, people use procedures that can cause damage to the enamel.

Doctors are supportive when talking about pharmaceutical means. When following the instructions, it is quite possible to achieve safe whitening of teeth by 2-6 tones.

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