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Electric toothbrush Oral-B – advantages, types, prices

best electric toothbrush Oral-B

In the struggle for a healthy smile and simplifying the daily tooth brushing, dental product manufacturers have developed a unique device – an electric toothbrush. It is easy to use and it does not go to any comparison with simple brushes. Therefore, many people prefer this innovative means.

Advantages and features

The first toothbrush, powered by the mains, was developed in the years after the war, in 1939, but it was very inconvenient to use. Popularity came to it much later – in 1960.

Since then, global giants improved device functionality and increased packaging. Today, the electric toothbrush is the best tool in the fight against plaque.

If you decide to try out the effect of the brush on you, it is worth paying attention to the company’s products Oral-B, which has appeared on the market of oral care for more than 60 years ago.

The principle of operation of the brush Oral-B is traditional and based on the fact that the pulsing head movement allows more effective cleaning, which is impossible to replicate with the help of an ordinary toothbrush.

In addition, it has a number of advantages:

  • Despite the high cost, it is very profitable: it is enough to buy a single toothbrush for a family, and one removable nozzle for each member.
  • The choice is a few modes of cleaning, so they can be selected individually for each person.
  • Timers and sensors allow you to monitor the cleaning, force pressure on the teeth and validity period.
  • Optional accessories allow to take it with you anywhere.

There’s only one catch in the use of electric brushes: you must learn to use it correctly. Unlike normal – it is not necessary to make forward and backward movement, you need to direct it to a tooth surface. But if you master this principle, the cleaning process is quite simple and straightforward.

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Nozzles and accessories

nozzles and additional accessoriesThe main element of the electric toothbrush Oral-B is a nozzle. On sale, you can find several varieties, which differ slightly according to the method of cleaning.

But before buying any whatsoever nozzle, you need to find out whether it is suitable for the model that you have. This is very important because there are some models of electric brushes for which special nozzles are created.

Therefore, you can select the following types:

  • Precision Clean is designed to remove plaque and enamel darkening, which by its form may cover each tooth individually. More effective modification of the same nozzle is Floss Action.
  • 3D White is designed for gentle whitening, so it gently removes darkening.
  • Sensitive is specially designed for sensitive teeth and gums. A distinctive feature of this nozzle is blue bristles, which are an indicator of its productivity, if they become discolored, then the usage of the brush is expired.
  • For the line of Sonic brushes special ultrasonic nozzles that clean the mouth completely is issued.
  • Pro Bright TM is made for the effective purification of each tooth. This is achieved by using a polishing cup in the center and surrounding fibers.
  • The dual nozzle has a greater cleaning surface, therefore, it deals with the much faster cleaning.
  • One of the most innovative nozzles is considered to be the three-band model. Its uniqueness lies in the bristles: in contrast to the standard circular motion, it makes motions to the and to the right.
  • Specific tips are designed to further oral care. Among them, there are 3 types: for tongue cleaning, interdental, and toothpick.
  • Another option is the specific nozzle Ortho Care Essential: it is designed to clean teeth with orthodontic appliances (e.g., brackets).
  • You can find the classic nozzles in different colors in the online stores, from classic blue to bright yellow or pink.

In order for change nozzle not to lay in a mess in the bathroom, manufacturers offer an optional accessory – a sterilizer. It can save a few nozzles at once to keep them hygienically clean.

But before selecting nozzles, you need to purchase the brush itself. The most popular in the line of Oral-B are considered to be three models – Vitality, Braun, and Advance Power Kids.

Model “Vitality”

Among the line of electric toothbrushes Oral Bee Vitality, there are three following models:

Vitality 3D White Luxe

Created specifically for whitening the teeth for 21 days (up to a natural shade). The base is the nozzle with a rubberized core which covers the entire tooth fibers. The package has a charging unit that fully charges the battery in 16 hours.

It can work for five days without charging. It makes 7600 reciprocating rotational motions in one minute. It is possible to use additional nozzles with other functions.

Vitality Precision Clean

how to use an electric toothbrushIt is considered a universal one for electric toothbrush from Oral-B. It has a comfortable rubberized grip, which makes the cleaning process more comfortable since it does not slip in your hands. As for extra feature, it’s a timer added to the handle, which is put up for 2 minutes – the perfect time for such a procedure.

Rotating head (at a rate of 7600 oscillations per minute) effectively removes plaque even in hard to reach interdental spaces.

Vitality Sensitive Clean

Suitable for cleaning of the teeth with high sensitivity. Just as in the previous models, it has a timer for determining the time of cleaning and a mode (7800 rpm). Battery works without charging for 20 minutes, for a full charge it requires 16 hours.

Model “Braun”

Through mutual cooperation between the two well-known companies and Oral-B and Braun, there have been created several models of electric toothbrushes that are very popular.

Professional Care 500

It seemed a simple to use but a very effective model, as does about twenty thousand pulsating and rotary movements 8800 (against 7600 Vitality Series). Battery life may be a week. In the rest, it is of a standard equipment: two-minute timer, rubberized grip, and a cleaning mode.

Professional Care 3000

The most advanced formula of the previous model.

  • Firstly, it has several cleaning modes: daily, bleaching and gentle (in fact, it includes the functions of all the Brush Vitality Series).
  • Secondly, in addition, it has a timer indicator of pressure, which flashes red if you are too pushing down on the teeth and gums. For each mode, there is a special cleaning nozzle.

Triumph Professional Care 5000

This model can be called the most innovative device for the care of teeth and gums. It has five modes of operation (for each has a special attachment): bleaching, gum massage and three types of cleaning (regular, soft and deep).

Particular attention should be dragged to a complexion and packaging: a separate LCD display (that is, not on the handle), a sealed pouch for storage of nozzles and brushes itself, a charger for use while traveling. With no charge, it can work for about 20 days. Accordingly, the price is quite high for such a device.

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For children

Oral-B electric toothbrush childrensIn 2001, Oral-B received a special license from the Disney Company, according to which they can produce their products with images of favorite characters.

Advance Power Kids – the model of electric toothbrush especially for children from three years. Thanks to the original bright design with the famous Disney characters, it helps to transform a banal brushing to an exciting children’s game.

It attracts not only kids not only with unusual design but also with the music. It has sixteen tunes laid in. After the cleaning process begins, the first melody sounds for one minute when the child cleans the upper teeth. In the second minute, it turns on a different music and the child is already beginning to clean the lower teeth.

This method makes it possible to delay their attention to the cleaning process, which is recommended by dentists – 2 minutes. A parents’ imagination will help turn this process into the game, as the music is constantly changing.

In addition, it has a nozzle, which is designed for children’s teeth (with two-level soft bristles). Particular attention was paid to the handle: it is suitable for independent use, but if necessary, parents can help their child.

The standard package has a network cable with a battery base and a nozzle. The most popular model is the «Mickey for Kids» with the image of Mickey Mouse.

Price range

Value can vary by several factors:

  • Much depends on the configuration. For example, a model with a nozzle and the power supply will be cheaper than a model with different nozzles and additional accessories. For example, Oral-B Vitality with one nozzle is 23.99$, and two interchangeable – 29.99$.
  • It is profitable to buy sets, consisting of 2 models (for example, child and adult).

At the moment, the estimated cost of major drugstore chains is:

  • Oral-B Pro 5000 – from 129.99$ to 159.99$;
  • Oral-B Black (White) 7000 with Bluetooth – from 199.99$ to 219.99$;
  • Oral-B Pro 1000 – from 49.99$ to 64.99$;
  • Oral-B Pro 3000 – from 79.99$ to 99.99$;
  • Oral-B Vitality Floss Action – from 23.99$ to 29.99$;
  • Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean – from 23.99$ to 29.99$;
  • Oral-B Stages Power Disney Dory – from 39.99$ to 49.99$.


Looking for beautiful and healthy smile, all people choose different items. If you have already used Electric Oral B toothbrush, you should share your experience with our readers, leaving a feedback to this article.

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