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The toothbrush Curaprox – description, advantages, at what price you can buy it?

to buy excellent toothbrush curaprox

Everybody knows about the need to maintain good oral hygiene. However, teeth cleaning twice a day does not always lead to a desirable result. In fact, the quality of hygiene procedures is influenced by a correct choice of a toothbrush.

The company Curaden offers its users a wide range of tools for the oral care. Among them, you can pick up a toothbrush Curaprox based on individual characteristics and existing diseases.

Model 5460

It is considered to be the most popular among users. Curaprox products are highlighted because they are made from polyester, which has a low water absorption. As a result, during the use of products longer retains its elasticity and firmness.

The bristles are soft, so they gently effect on the enamel. Their tight location provides efficient cleaning even in hard to reach places. You can differentiate the following in the lineup:

Ultra soft

It is considered to be the softest brush when compared with other products of the manufacturer. A great number of bristles (5460) allows you effortlessly to carry out cleaning enamel from plaque. Their thickness is less than 0.10 mm, and their thoroughly thought through placement allows effective cleaning of vertical surfaces.

The product is not known for a special design but has a comfortable handle, made of a lightweight material. The shape of a handle is purposely made in the form of an octahedron. It helps to correctly direct the product during the oral cavity cleaning at an angle of 45 degrees. This position is the most effective to clean enamel. Ultra soft is compacted with a protective pouch.

The users note that the brush Curaprox 5460 – a real godsend for people with severe gum sensitivity. It gently influences the teeth and reduces bleeding after a few days of application. With the active use, it will serve you 3 months.

Ultra soft and can be used for artificial structures. The process is carried out as follows:

  • The correct holding of the product takes place. It must be located at an angle of 45 degrees to the gum.
  • The teeth cleaning of the teeth located above a bracket system takes place. Special attention is recommended to be given to the gingival line.
  • Then you can proceed to the cleaning of enamel, which is under the orthodontic structure.
  • At the final stage, the cleaning of internal surfaces.

Ongoing studies have shown that a daily massage, carried out by means of ultra-soft bristle brush brings positive effects for those who wear dentures. Its action is aimed at the prevention of inflammation and slowing down of the processes leading to tissue atrophy.

Ultra soft thin stimulates mucosal of patients who wear artificial structure without damaging it. It also increases the secretion of saliva, which is necessary for adhesion of the prosthesis.


curaprox for bracesIt is useful for people who have faced orthodontic problems. Considering this model, it can be seen that the bristles are as though divided into two parts with a recess. This design is necessary for a proper care of your teeth, on which braces are installed.

The bristles fully cope with the task. They act gently, without damaging even the most sensitive teeth, and perfectly clean the mouth. It can be used not only by adults, but also by children from 8 years of age. It is intended to clean the top part of the bracket system.

Since this line is very demanded, the manufacturer is constantly releasing Ultra soft models in limited series. This may be a set of products for the New Year or other holidays.

Model 1560

It is presented in one form – Soft. Special trauma-preventive bristles are designed to protect an enamel and gums from damage during oral treatment. The compact brush head enables to penetrate into hard to reach places and to maintain effective hygiene.

It perfectly copes with plaque purification and conducts light massage of gums. The thickness of the bristles is 0.15mm. The handle of the product is made in the form of an octahedron, which allows to set it at any angle.

It comes in a set with a protective case. The users note that the service life of Soft 1560 for about is 3 months. After an active application during this period the bristles begin to fall off.

Model 3960

It is suitable for people who are used to make some effort during brushing the teeth. In fact, this technique is wrong. In order to remain healthy teeth longer, you need to impact on them carefully.

Curaprox 3960 is one of the very soft brushes. During its use, there is no negative effect on gums. The bristles are of 0.12 mm thick and they penetrate well into hard to reach places. They provide gentle care. As a result, a proper oral hygiene is carried out.

Gums and teeth are not injured. After its usage, tooth sensitivity and pain reduce. For more convenient usage, a special octagonal handle was made of polyester, which can be easily rotated to the desired angle.


Articles of this line are distinguished through unusual appearance. “Solo” technique is used as the basis for these toothbrushes. It involves cleaning of each tooth individually, as well as treatment of gingival furrows.

The action of the product is aimed at cleaning of the spots, to which people pay little attention during daily hygiene. Mainly during the teeth cleaning, it is usual to impact on protruding surface which may lead to undesirable consequences. For example, to expose the neck of the tooth.

curaprox Mono FascicleIn fact, plaque accumulates elsewhere, in particular between the teeth. MONO-fascicle brush is able to penetrate into these areas and to remove the formed plaque. It is represented by the following models:

Model 1006

The thickness of the bristle is 6 mm. An unusual handle made with the correct slope, which ensures a proper hygiene procedure. A head of a round shape acts gently on enamel and adapts well to the anatomy of the gingival margin. During the cleaning brush does not put pressure on the teeth and gums.

Daily use of Curaprox 1006 will lead to the elimination of odor from the mouth. Often it is formed due to an inefficient removal of plaque in hard to reach places. It results in the development of anaerobic bacteria.

The “Solo” technique allows you to get rid of plaque, so after a few days of using Curaprox 1006, you can expect the resumption of fresh breath.

Model 1009

A manufacturer Curaden is famous for creating products for people who wear artificial systems. People who have bracket systems face daily difficulties during brushing.

To achieve proper oral hygiene, it is necessary to perform cleaning of artificial constructions too. Since food particles can remain in the wires or snaps, such means are needed that will be able to daily remove them. Otherwise, it will lead to the development of tooth decay and demineralization processes.

Brush Curaprox 1009 copes with the cleaning of the surface around braces. Small bristles 9 mm thick make a soft effect on enamel. For perfect processing, it is necessary to perform circular movements around the system.

For the comprehensive protection of the oral cavity, the manufacturer recommends to start with an original brush Curaprox 5460 and to complete the hygiene with Curaprox 1009.

For Children

curaprox for kidsThe manufacturer offers products for all ages. They are absolutely safe, for they are made of non-toxic materials and have passed the relevant tests in Switzerland.

CURA kid

It is provided with super thin bristles that very carefully carry out their work. It can be used with the eruption of the first milk tooth. The product is easy to apply thanks to a small head and a rubber handle.

Bright colors of CURA kid attract the attention of children. Its shape is designed so that it easily fits into a child’s hand. It has the foot on which it can be set.


The model can be used by kids aged 4 to 8 years. The handle is designed so that the child learns to cope with oral hygiene on itself. Thick and soft bristles are installed on a small head.

Thanks to this solution, the processing of the teeth surface goes smoothly and painlessly. Gentle children’s gums are not injured, the plaque is removed gently and efficiently.


It refers to a teenage brush. It is recommended to apply from 8 to 14 years. If you look closely, you can see that the head is formed as an inverted drop. This allows you to conduct a thorough treatment of the oral cavity, penetrating into the most inaccessible places. It removes plaque easily, to do this, it is enough to conduct the conventional technique of teeth cleaning.


The products of the Swiss company cannot be called cheap. However, it is popular due to its effectiveness. It can be purchased for the following price:

  • CS 5460 in «Shop.Curaprox» can be purchased for 6,95$, «Amazon» for 8,08$ as well.
  • CS 1560 in «Shop.Curaprox» costs 6,95$, in «Amazon» – 9,02$.
  • Teenager in ATA «Shop.Curaprox» is 6,95$, «Amazon» – 9,27$.
  • Young «Shop.Curaprox» can be purchased for 7,95$, «Amazon» – 10,95$.


Customers who have once purchased and used the products Curaprox, agree that this is the ideal product for gentle and professional cleaning of the oral cavity.

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