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What is the best choice for mouth irrigator?

best Oral Irrigator for you

Everyday dental hygiene is very important. To perform the morning and evening procedures qualitatively, it is not enough only to use regular toothpaste and toothbrush. Some scraps of food remain, and as a result, a favorable environment for the spreading of bacteria and microbes appear. All of this leads to the emergence of diseases of the oral cavity.

To avoid this, it is recommended to use the water irrigator. The device is arranged in such a way so that it performs cleaning of hard-to-reach places. Let us define what is the mouth irrigator, and which kind of it is better to choose?

What is about the device?

To use the irrigator, you need to pour the water into and switch on the device. Through nozzles, which can be changed, a thin stream of liquid comes out. Due to the pressure, the water penetrates into the most inaccessible places, and washes away scraps of food, cleans teeth from the dental deposit. To enhance the action of the device treatment solutions are added to the liquid.

The mouth irrigator performs not only an effective cleaning but also has a preventive and a curative effect. The antibacterial liquid is used in dental caries, periodontitis, or bad breath. To strengthen the enamel fluorine and calcium solution is added to the water.


types of Tooth IrrigatorWhen choosing any device, you should initially decide on how often you will use it, and under what conditions. Oral cavity irrigators are divided into the following types:

  • Stationary. It is also called family because if to change the nozzles a few persons can use the device. It is quite simple to use the device, for this you should direct the water from the reservoir into the handle, which is connected to it via a cord.

    Then it goes out through the nozzle. This device works only from the mains, so if you often go on business trips by a personal car or public transport, it will not be convenient for you.

  • Portable. It distinguishes in lightweight and compact size. It works on batteries or on the rechargeable battery. In average, its charge is enough for 7-10 days. One of the advantages of a portable irrigator is a low price, but the disadvantage is the inability to turn the body of the device.

    Since the water supply tank and a pump are installed on the device, the liquid ceases to flow into the nozzle when it is tilted. Such a device is convenient to take with you on the go.

  • With the connection to the water supply. It is supplied with various nozzles, which allows you to connect it to any type of tap. It is convenient, that the water flush is supplied continuously. Everything is arranged so that the attached irrigator does not interfere with the use of a tap in accordance with its function.

Dentists do not recommend using an irrigator with a connection to the water supply if the liquid flowing from the tap is not pass pre-filtered. Otherwise, such procedures are dangerous because a centralized water does not always comply with sanitary standards.

What to pay attention to when buying?

Because manufacturers are constantly improving the device, the new features are being added and old once are being improved. The buyer has an opportunity to select the device based on its requirements. When purchasing an irrigator should pay attention to the following criteria:

Kind of water streams

There are the following types:

  • Mono stream. It represents a liquid which is supplied continuously. A thin stream inherent in the very first models. Today, this technology is already obsolete.
  • Throbbing. During exposure to the teeth, it creates micro impact aimed to remove of incrustation and food. Pulsating beats are absolutely invisible and do not cause discomfort.
  • With bubbles. The newest technology, designed to mix water and air bubbles. Such stream saturates the liquid with oxygen. As a result, in addition, to the main purpose, it has a bactericidal effect.

For those, who have periodontal pockets it is recommended to use the bubble technology irrigator. It provides the most high-quality cleaning.

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Adjusting fluid pressure

This function is absolutely necessary, since, during the first days of using, the irrigator should be used with a weak stream. If everything is in order, the teeth and gums do not sore, then increase the water pressure. This feature will also be indispensable when children or people who suffer from gum sensitivity are using irrigator.


When choosing a device one should take into account the availability of the service center in the area of residence. There are many manufacturers who have them only in large cities. For example, the company Waterpik irrigators in the case of failure will have to be sent by mail at your own expense. This is due to the fact that the services are only situated in large areas.

Also, pay attention to the opportunity to repair the device. When buying a cheap irrigator, do not count on long term use. If such a device breaks down during the warranty, it just changed to a new one. After the warranty period, the device is not subject to exchange and repair.

Which is better: with or without nozzles?

Tooth Irrigator with nozzlesFor individual usage, you can take the device without any additional nozzles. Or with 1-2 extras. Most of the time, the device is used by the whole family. Due to this, manufacturers of devices put in several identical sets of nozzles, which differ from each other only in colors. It is very convenient when each person chooses a color and then knows that it is his own nozzle.

If the irrigator is needed not only for cleaning the mouth cavity, but also to prevent problems, then the device should be selected with different nozzles. There are the following types:

  • To clean the tongue. It is necessary to clean off the white coating and removing odor from the oral cavity.
  • For massage. The nozzle is similar to a toothbrush and is recommended for usage to patients who suffer from bleeding gums. Gentle massage helps to strengthen the gums.
  • For those who have the implants. Nozzle helps to take care of them, keep them in the required purity. As a result, it greatly extends the service life of implants.

Also, can be equipped with other nozzles, for instance for washing the nose. They will help people who suffer from allergic rhinitis or sinusitis.

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What better to choose when having braces?

Dental care when wearing leveling systems is more difficult than usually. As usual brushing is not possible to carry out the effective cleaning of the mouth cavity, dentists recommend using irrigator.

The usual instrument will not work, here you will need a device with a special orthodontic nozzle. With its help, you can effectively clean off spots from food and microbes hidden behind braces. As a result, the teeth are not spoiled, what could possibly happen if not to care in a proper way, particularly when using metal systems.

What is better for children?

To control how well children brush their teeth is not always possible. Irrigator can help to prevent many diseases, including dental caries, which affects 30-50% of children.

The device will have an irreplaceable effect in the period of change of baby teeth to permanent once because many children have this process accompanied by swelling of the gums. Irrigator performs a gentle massage that will remove swelling and soreness.

It is better to buy a device of a small size. A portable device of a low weight will fit the most. You can use a stationary device, family irrigator, as well. The most important thing is to buy special nozzles for a child.

Children treat such a cleaning very nicely since they take it for a game. Multicolored stickers and water treatments involve the child and teach him or her to perform the everyday hygiene. When buying nozzles, note that they should be selected depending on the age of the child.

The mouthwash using oral irrigator on children should be performed in the presence of adults. It is necessary to monitor the power used: the maximum mode and intense exposure can harm sensitive child’s gums.


how much is the irrigatorSince the choice of devices is quite large, their price is different. It depends largely on the available features and settings. The brand also affects the price. The more well-known is a manufacturer, the higher is the cost, but they are less likely to break and can be repaired.

For example, the irrigator Oral-B OxyJet is not a cheap one, its price is about 67,5$. But for this price a customer gets the warranty for two years, and the possibility to recover the device in case of breakage.

Devices with a guarantee period of 1 year, one mode of operation and the average number of nozzles will cost much cheaper. The device has 2 modes, 5 power levels, and 4 nozzles.

More budgetary variant – is irrigator Waterpik WP-100, which costs 60$. The set of it consists of 7 nozzles, and the feature of water flush adjustment narrowed to 10 levels. The price is lower, because the service network is not so broadly developed and it has only the one mode.

Devices with the 1-year warranty, with one mode of operation and with the average number of nozzles will cost in tenfold cheaper. For example, the irrigator that is manufactured in Russia, Donfeel OR-820M costs from 36,25$. The set consists of 4 nozzles and it lets to set the power on 4 levels.


The users of the device speak well of it, as when to use it one can solve small problems related to strengthening the gums and cleaning of the mouth cavity. Dentists recommend not to forget that the device cannot replace the toothbrush and thread, and is used exclusively as an aid.

If you have an opinion concerning the usage of an irrigator or experience of the usage, we are waiting for your comments to this article.

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