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Irrigator of a mouth cavity Aquajet

oral irrigator aquajet

Very few people know about the existence and purpose of irrigator of an oral cavity. This is one of not yet too common innovations in the medical dental technology. Almost all of them know about it only when visiting the dentist when having problems with the gums or teeth.

This instrument is worthy of the attention of all who are accustomed to carefully monitor their health. With it, the quality of hygiene procedures, which are intended for the care of teeth and oral cavity in general, can be raised to an entirely new level. This level is comparable to a professional cleaning, conducted in the dental office.

One of the most popular models is the Aquajet LD-A7. The device is of the highest quality, reasonable cost and excellent performance. It is worth telling about more detailed.

Why is it needed? Its advantages and disadvantages

The device, called the irrigator of a mouth, is a kind of mini-complex. It is arranged so as to create a thin stream of water directed at high pressure. With its help, brushing teeth, especially in hard to reach areas, is more efficient up to 70-80%.

The device consists of:

  • a pump (compressor), which is the main part;
  • a special container for liquid, with which help cleaning takes place;
  • a handle with a nozzle.

Before you turn it on and start the cleaning procedure, be sure to fill the reservoir with liquid. “Empty” device can be turned on only when buying for a very short time, to be able to check if it works.

Almost immediately after switching it on, water supply starts from the reservoir through the handle with the nozzle. The pressure with which the liquid acts on the teeth, gums, and oral mucosa, is sufficient to efficiently remove plaque and restore normal blood flow to the tissues of the oral cavity.


  • Professional hygiene at home at a level which can be achieved only with the help of specialized equipment in the dental clinic.
  • Effective protection against inflammatory diseases of the gums.
  • Quality care and cleaning prosthetic teeth, implants, braces, a surface of the tongue and mucous membranes of the microbes.
  • Due to the peculiar massage blood circulation in the tissues of the mouth improves, to accelerate regeneration.
  • It improves the functioning of the salivary glands.


Irrigator was specially created taking into account all possible atomic features of an oral cavity. The only drawback is that it is almost impossible to get rid of some noise during its operation.

Please be aware that the use of this device should not be a reason to abandon the usual hygiene practices – brushes and dental floss. In addition, it is not recommended to use the irrigator as often as a conventional brush. This may adversely affect the condition of the gums.

In addition, it is undesirable to use this device for patients who have recently been subjected to surgical dental treatment, and those who have periodontal disease at an acute stage.
Why do you need irrigator

Model LD-A7

A company «Little Doctor» produces a variety of medical devices. Its products are valued for a reasonable cost and high quality. One of these devices is the oral irrigator Aquajet LD-A7.


The container is made of a special transparent plastic that allows you to constantly monitor the level of liquid. This device can be simultaneously used by all members of the family, as the set includes four interchangeable nozzles, which are easy to distinguish because of the color of the rims.

  • The device is equipped with a four mode switch of speeds. This enables a comfortable use for any age.
  • A preventive value of the device – a qualitative cleansing of germs, bacteria and food remains of not only teeth, tongue, and gums, but also a variety of dental structures.
  • When using the reservoir can be filled with normal warm water and special solutions and balms, which have a bactericidal or therapeutic effect, depending on their composition. This special liquid significantly improves the effect from the usage of the instrument.
  • The device is equipped with a comfortable handle for holding and has excellent ergonomic qualities, and compactness. For example, there is a special slot for storing all nozzles, so there is no need to keep them separate.

The device Aquajet LD-A7 has been tested in the Department of Physiotherapy of  New York State Medical and Dental University and passed all the tests at a high level. It fully complies with the requirements stipulated by the state standards in terms of performance and safety of use.


  • Container capacity – 16,9 fl.oz.
  • The liquid injection is carried out with the pulsation of 1200 per minute.
  • The pressure with which the liquid is supplied can vary depending on the mode in the range of 290 to 600 kPa.
  • It refers to devices of the stationary type. Charging supply 220-230 V.
  • The pressure can be adjusted on the handle by smooth finger movements.
  • Warranty – 1 year.
  • Weight – 3 lb.

Indications To The Device

There are many indications for the use of an oral irrigator LD-A7 Aquajet. We list only the main ones.

Prevention and treatment of periodontal disease

It is about: gingivitis and periodontitis, as well as about bleeding gums. This is an inflammatory disease. Its main cause is not properly held oral care. Due to this the huge number of accumulated pathogens that provoke the appearance of plaque and calculus on a tooth surface.

With a powerful flow produced by the irrigator, soft plaque is completely removed. This is especially important for the interdental spaces and hard to reach areas, with the purification of which an ordinary toothbrush cannot cope.

If gingivitis goes into a complex stage, the first stage of treatment is the professional cleaning carried out by a dentist. Thus hard deposits are removed. After this, an irrigator will prevent new deposits.

When periodontitis the problem is more complicated. Besides inflammation and dental deposits, periodontal pockets also appear. Infected areas are constantly formed due to the accumulation of bacteria. With the help of an irrigator a thorough cleansing is held, eliminating the infection and stopping the inflammatory process.

Caries prevention

Tooth decay happens due to the fact that the food leftovers and bacteria are not removed. In the places of their accumulation, begins the process of decay, affecting the tissue and the teeth themselves.

Effective plaque removal

irrigator for dental careThe most difficult is to ensure that those patients who have dental bridges, artificial crowns, orthodontic various designs (e.g. braces).

All this requires a more thorough cleaning of a large number of hard to reach places. Additionally, patients should also be using irrigator after implantation to prevent rejection of the implant itself.

The presence of unpleasant smell

This is also due to the insufficient degree of purification of the mucosa and teeth. Therefore, the use of an irrigator is necessary for this phenomenon.

Pregnancy and lactation

At this time due to hormonal changes, the risk of periodontal disease is greatly increased. This device will prevent or greatly reduce their symptoms.


It is not possible to identify the exact cost of the device due to the fact that each dealer carries out its pricing policy. That depends on:

  • the region in which the purchase is done;
  • specific trading network;
  • fame, “brand” of the seller;
  • actions or lack of actions, which are often offered to customers.

The price range is quite large – you can buy the irrigator Aquajet for 35 $ – 60$. Average can be called the price of 40$-45$, as it is the most common.

A packaging of the two nozzles is approximately 2$ – 3$.

All sorts of balms and special liquids which are recommended to use with the device, also have different prices. Depending on the manufacturer and the liquid itself the price can range from 3$ to 6$.aquajet irrigator to buy


Practically, there are no negative comments about the irrigator Aquajet LD-A7. Not good enough characteristic is only given by those, who expect instant results.

All the other reviews, of both customers and experts, confirm that with the help of this device complex areas can be well rinsed, orthodontic designs and crowns are cleaned.

During inflammatory diseases of the gums, customers are less likely to visit a doctor, because the quality and hygienic effect of using Aquajet LD-A7 for washing periodontal pockets are almost at the same level as professional.

Also, positive reviews come from customers about specialized liquids since they much enhance the efficiency of an irrigator, although do not eliminate the need to still apply a dental floss, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

With the approval that qualitatively carried out hygiene – is the main factor in dental health, each expert agrees. So now, dentists have started to recommend the oral irrigator LD-A7 Aquajet to their patients for preventing practically any dental problems, as well as the treatment of certain diseases.

We offer you, dear readers, who use this irrigator, to leave feedback about it in a special form for comments below.

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