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What determines the price of dental grafting?

dental grafting prices for people

Currently, dentistry has reached such heights that everyone can have smooth and healthy teeth. Modern methods of restoration, implantation, which not so long ago seemed fantastic, has become real. One disadvantage is high prices, sometimes the same fantastic as a result.

However, in some cases, the implant and the crown is not required, and even a small fragment, hardly resembling the former tooth can be “saved”. The method is grafting.

The cost of these services may vary significantly in different clinics. Also important for the calculation of the final price is a material used, and more precisely, its components and the manufacturer.

In this way, molars prices vary quite in a broad spectrum – from about 200$ to 1100$. The exact amount can be found by referring only to a specific clinic, but you can model the optimum price, taking into account all the recommendations set out, which we will discuss in this article.

What is included in the cost of services? General rules

How to save on dental care by keeping teeth healthy? By what criteria to be guided? Prices on grafting consist of:

  • the quality of dental equipment;
  • qualification of the dentist;
  • the cost of materials that were used.

If you are offered grafting that is a very much cheaper, do not rush to sit in the dentist chair of this clinic. Do not hesitate to ask how many years the person is involved. In addition, often in the reception, there are certificates and diplomas, which may be acquainted by yourself and should be on the bench of the lobby for everybody to see.

The equipment is also essential: there are clinics that “work” with such equipment, which has long been necessary to hand over to the museum. Materials also are essential, because on them a life of a manufactured tooth depends on.

There may be an opposite version of “luxury” class clinic with a luxurious interior, TV, and coffee. Most likely, there are experienced dentists and ultra-modern equipment and high-quality materials.

However, the cost of tooth grafting services can be prohibitively overpriced. So why to pay for the decorations? These clinics are designed not for the average consumer. If you belong to the elite, such a clinic will suit you.

There are clinics, calculated on the average contingent of patients. Their match of the “price – quality” is close to the optimal variant. It is also necessary to carefully consider all the nuances on the basis of criteria on what the clinic can save up.

The clinic can save:

  • on the personnel payroll, choosing the appropriate qualifications. It should be noted, though, who will be directly involved in the grafting procedure. The rest of the personnel is not so important for you;
  • on the cost of material, which is very significant. For example, some materials may be of poor quality, which, respectively, shortens the time of the next your meeting with the dentist.

How much will it cost to graft a tooth on a shaft?

How much is the increase in the tooth shaftNot far in the recent past, when there was only little part of the molar left, there was only answer – a denture or a crown. In the case of a crown, the tooth was being ground off and was destroyed even faster. When you got your tooth pulled, a “bridge” was set for which adjacent molars were also ground off.

Modern implant in place of the missing tooth is certainly an excellent option to recover losses, but it is also too expensive, and it is not the fact yet that it will accustom to the “native” tissue.

Tooth grafting on a shaft allows you to keep it for 15-20 years depending on the dentist’s qualifications, the quality of the material and the degree of dental care. Such procedure is much cheaper than the implant.

For example, implantation costs about 2500$, and the grafting on a shaft from 200$. The mandatory requirement is the presence of the root. Then a shaft is fixed on it, around which gallium composited material is overlapped in the form of a lost tooth.

The shafts may be made with fiberglass, carbon or metal.

  • The price of fiberglass shafts ranges from 20$ to 150$. They have excellent durability at high loads (especially the teeth on chewing) and also help prevent damage to the roots.
  • Titanium shafts are from 22$ to 130$, depending on the model and manufacturer. The simple metal shaft costs from 20$.
  • The carbon shaft – from 27$.

As can be seen, the price greatly depends on the manufacturer. It is better not to save up to much, and afford a Swiss shaft “Mailefer”. Although domestic shafts may as well be of acceptable quality.

In general, regardless of the material of the shaft and the seal, this method of grafting is inexpensive and reliable. The root of the shaft is capable of holding the tooth from breaking down for many years. Sometimes the dentist may resort to the installation of a double shaft: it is necessary for chewing molars when severe damage.

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Grafting of the front tooth

Grafting of the front teeth requires greater attention due to the additional challenge faced by the dentist. The tooth should be not only durable but also beautiful.

Thanks to modern medical technologies in the field of dentistry – computer simulations – can outdo nature and create a Hollywood smile, featuring special whiteness and perfection of forms of each tooth.

Photo composites have excellent properties such as transparency and high strength. Prices for the restoration of anterior teeth is considerably cheaper than the installation of the crown.

Material for sealing will depend on the degree of damage, bite, root location. The price increase is made up of a front tooth and the scope of work ranges from 170$ to 285$.

Grafting of the front tooth pricesThus, elimination of the cleavage, serious defects, increases the cost of changing the shape of the final service. Since a lot depends on the professionalism of the dentist, it is necessary initially to determine the clinic.

The procedure of grafting usually does not take a lot of time. The polymers have good adhesion to tissues and have high moisture resistance.

Grafting of tooth enamel

When grafting tooth enamel, most commonly used is photopolymer. If the damage is insignificant, then the surface is enveloped with such material by copying the shape of molars. The cost of the procedure ranges from 170$.

If you want to visually change the occlusion, then, unfortunately, the method of grafting the enamel will not correct such a defect. In these and many other cases it is required to use veneers, which are much more expensive than grafting.

It should be noted that photo composites of domestic market are much cheaper than German, Swedish, but it is better not to save on teeth, otherwise in five years you would have to go to spend more time and money.

The approximate cost of wholesale branded composite materials: American “Pentron Clinical” – from $ 34 per gram, American “Kuraray America” costs between the US $ 51 per gram, Swedish “Parmax” – from 81 dollars.

One of enamel grafting technologies is the tab, prefabricated by prosthetics with millimeter precision at the desired tooth. Tabs are cemented with a special substance and are cosmetically not visible. Ceramic or porcelain natural color is different from the color of molars.

There are metal tabs, but they are not so aesthetic. This method avoids the use of crowns, which is less painful and much cheaper. For example, the price of the installation of crowns, even metal-ceramic in an average hospital the price will be 675$, and the tab – just 255$.

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Additional expenses

To determine the price on grafting procedure the tooth, for the first, you need to visit the dentist because the sum can include additional services. Initially, you need to see the problem and the associated with it need to a work.

We don’t have german thoroughness and commitment, as a rule. Well, it would be good to make an exception to the rule, and annually visit a dentist for the prevention of diseases.

But more often the problem with your teeth is already running. In most cases, X-rays are required, and “cleaning” of caries as well. In addition, the treatment, grafting, and tooth restoration, as a rule, requires anesthesia (from 9$ depending on the anesthetic solution quality).

Initial consultation with the diagnosis and plan of treatment is from 12$ to 45$ depending on the type of clinic. The price of treatment of pulpitis varies from 200$ to 1100$, depending on the level of complexity and wasted materials.

The cost of treatment of periodontitis varies from 370$ to 1300$. With regard to the treatment of the channels, then it all depends on their number: very commonly channels are not sealed for the first time and require multiple visits to the dentist.

X-ray costsIn addition, it is necessary to take into account the costs of X-ray, which is almost always necessary. If the image is on site, this service may be cheaper. However, its value does not exceed $ 450 per tooth.

If you have guarantee teeth are treated free of charge. The warranty period for accrued tooth may be different depending on the material and techniques. As a rule, it is for one year. A good clinic must give you a receipt and warranty document after the treatment.


Grafting of teeth helps for:

  • reproduction;
  • improve the forms;
  • adjusting the position of molars;
  • optimization of enamel color, identical to natural.

Thanks to revolutionary technology in the field of dentistry tooth loss today is not so terrible.

The costs for grafting are not significant if to pay attention to the recommendations given and reasonably approach the selection of the clinic.

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