Description of mouthwash Listerine

Regular oral health care for most people is reduced to brushing teeth. Many people forget that teeth are only 25% of the oral cavity, which still consists of the gums, the inside of the cheeks, tongue backrest. At the mucosa of these areas microorganisms appear and multiply, which can lead to various

What are benefits of using Listerine mouthwash?

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The toothbrush Curaprox – description, advantages, at what price you can buy it?

Everybody knows about the need to maintain good oral hygiene. However, teeth cleaning twice a day does not always lead to a desirable result. In fact, the quality of hygiene procedures is influenced by a correct choice of a toothbrush. The company Curaden offers its users a wide range of tools for

Is it worth at all to buy a toothbrush Curaprox?

Irrigator of a mouth cavity Aquajet

Very few people know about the existence and purpose of irrigator of an oral cavity. This is one of not yet too common innovations in the medical dental technology. Almost all of them know about it only when visiting the dentist when having problems with the gums or teeth. This instrument is worthy

What is an oral irrigator Aquajet LD-A7?

How can you harmlessly whiten your teeth at home?

A beautiful and white smile gives a person confidence. But modern dental procedures are very expensive. Alternatively, you can try home whitening. How to carry out the procedure, and what methods are considered to be the safest?

Methods of teeth bleaching at home

What determines the price of dental grafting?

Currently, dentistry has reached such heights that everyone can have smooth and healthy teeth. Modern methods of restoration, implantation, which not so long ago seemed fantastic, has become real. One disadvantage is high prices, sometimes the same fantastic as a result.

The price of teeth grafting

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How to brush your teeth with a brush and floss? Video tutorial

We are used to carrying out daily oral hygiene since childhood. A correct, systematic procedure of molar cleansing removes bacterial plaque, even in hard to reach areas of the mouth. The regular procedure is the key to healthy gums, teeth, nasal mucosa, which makes it possible to minimize and delay a tooth decay. The technique […]

How to brush the teeth in a right way? Instruction and video